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Jack La Rue, Actor and Philanthropist

The average movie buff may not be aware of Jack La Rue’s impressive filmography, but his contributions to the motion picture industry are numerous. While many actors were content with a one-film deal, La Rue was able to build a symphony of stage, stage, and motion picture appearances.

As the name would suggest, he was a stage actor in the early days. Eventually, he became a star on the motion picture screen. Several films that he appeared in include Robin and the Seven Hoods, A Farewell to Arms, and The Outlaw. He was also known for playing the second fiddle to other gangsters in the same movie. For a time, La Rue was in demand as the second fiddle to the likes of Frank Borzage and Howard Hawks. Some of the best parts of his career were a two year stint in England, where he got to play the role of the good priest. One of the most important reasons for his success is the fact that he had a longtime stage gig with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

There’s no doubt that Jack La Rue is a notable American actor of the twentieth century. His most popular film was the “Outlaw” in 1942. But there was more to his life than that. His first marriage, to socialite Connie Simpson, lasted until 1946, and he had a second marriage to Austrian Baroness Violet Edith von Rosenberg that spanned six years. They had a son, named John La Rue, who is a prominent member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. In addition to his acting career, the actor was a devoted husband and philanthropist, donating millions to various charitable causes.

Jack La Rue is buried in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City. Although he died from a heart attack at the young age of 69, he was survived by a large number of family members. On his deathbed, La Rue said that he was proud of his achievements and wished he had more time to spend with them. At the funeral, many friends and fans paid their respects, and his many trophies were unveiled.

There’s no doubt that La Rue was a movie star, but his personal life also tainted his reputation. It’s a shame that he had to marry so many women, and it’s also a shame that he didn’t have the opportunity to live longer. Nevertheless, La Rue made his mark, and his presence is felt to this day. Many of his film and stage peers have had similar success stories. If you are interested in what it took for him to make it in show business, be sure to browse through the many websites that offer a comprehensive guide to the tinseltown greats. From their plethora of bios, biographies, and articles, you’ll be able to find out more about this notable American.

Among the hundreds of celebrities who have passed on this earth, La Rue’s legacy will remain inscribed on the walls of many a movie buff’s home.

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