Jack Mannion

Jack Mannion – A Power to Be reckoned With in Central New York Politics

Jack Mannion was an integral figure in Central New York politics. Known for being friends with Hillary Clinton and Mario Cuomo, as well as running an insurance business and serving on multiple boards in Syracuse and beyond. His influence extended far beyond politics alone.

Early Life and Education

Jack Mannion grew up in Lynn where community service is part of everyday life. After coaching youth sports teams, he later served Chaparral High School as the Administrative Principal responsible for athletics, activities, budget and facilities management as well as hosting zone and state tournaments for basketball, wrestling and softball.

Mannion takes great interest in protecting Central New York’s water supply and has secured funds to deploy technology that combats Harmful Algae Blooms while offering long-term protection of drinking water supplies. Additionally, he advocates renewable energy solutions like solar power as a means to reducing electricity costs; and has helped new immigrants adjust to life in America while sharing his love of English with them.

Professional Career

Mannion served on more boards than most could count and was an influential presence throughout New York city and state. A political force, he enjoyed close ties to Hillary Clinton and Governor Mario Cuomo as well as being influential within their Democratic Party.

He had an insatiable curiosity that drove him to explore everything from reading James Joyce in a bar on Syracuse’s Near West Side, to visiting an Oswego County location where migrating birds congregate. He would often bring along students as companions on these explorations.

Chris Wiles noted how Chris Wiles excelled at taking on any challenge life presented him, including spending time on a boat called Betty-O. When on the water, Chris was truly at peace.

Achievement and Honors

Mannion has amassed an impressive legislative record as New York state Senator, advocating on behalf of New York’s most vulnerable residents. He successfully secured a cost of living increase for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), expanded preferred source programs to increase employment opportunities and mandated that OPWDD report its pandemic response strategy.

Environmental protections have also been one of his top priorities, securing funds to deploy new technology against Harmful Algae Blooms and guarantee long-term water protection for Central New Yorkers. He’s an advocate of affordable nuclear energy as a clean energy solution.

He completed Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection survey, an extensive questionnaire designed to gather voter responses about their political ideology, experience and priorities – the results of which can then be displayed as candidate profiles in order for voters to make more informed choices about who to vote for.

Personal Life

Jack Mannion has long been a member of Hingham, making an effort to give back. From co-chairing the annual Knock Out Cancer fundraiser in memory of his wife to joining both Hingham Downtown Association and Harborworks Fireworks Committee committees – he strives to make life better for those around him.

Additionally, he is highly engaged with local and state politics with the Democratic Party, actively supporting Mario Cuomo and serving as grand marshal of Syracuse St. Patrick’s Day Parade 1996.

He enjoys a close and healthy relationship with his family, is an expert chef and very caring individual. He loves travelling and spending time with his grandchildren; as well as reading history and political science books.

Net Worth

Jack Mannion boasts an impressive net worth and salary. A skilled football player, he has made quite an impressionful name for himself within the industry. Jack is an avid supporter of local teams as well as their sports clubs.

He strongly believes in upholding all laws regardless of their political or social implications, leading him into conflict with nearly every politician he comes across.

Pace Shewan Mannion (born 22 September 1960) is an American retired professional basketball player who played in both the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Italian leagues. Hailing from Salt Lake City, Mannion stands 6 ft 7 in (2.01 meters). He weighs in at 190 lb (86 kg). His sun sign is Virgo. Additionally, Mannion is married to Gaia Bianchi a former professional Italian volleyball player.

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