Jack Mewhirter

Jack Mewhirter

Jack Mewhirter conducts research in the political science subfield of public policy. His primary areas of study include cooperation issues and policy influence within complex governance systems.

He’s entertaining and provides an engaging class experience. His exams consist of open-ended questions with study guides as resources; in addition, he holds office hours and offers extra credit opportunities.

Early Life and Education

Jack Mewhirter was born October 29th 1931 in Maryville Missouri. After attending Northwest Missouri State University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Arts he married Barbara and raised their family in Atlantic while also operating a construction and building business together.

His research primarily addresses societal problems and inefficiencies, the policies available to address them, the institutions charged with their implementation, as well as factors affecting organizational effectiveness and evaluating implemented policies. He has published over 30 articles and book chapters.

Professional Career

Jack Mewhirter’s research centers around cooperation issues and policy influence in complex governance systems. As an associate professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Cincinnati and instructor for both its Public Administration Program and Department of Political Science courses, his studies aim to shed light on societal problems and inefficiencies as they arise, the available policy tools to address them, organizations responsible for implementation of those tools and the factors limiting their effectiveness.

He is an amazing teacher; very relaxed yet demanding of hard work. With great office hours and always willing to assist when necessary he even gives extra credit for studying for exams! Utilizing videos and humor in his classes he creates an atmosphere that feels relaxing yet productive – truly fascinating individual!

Achievement and Honors

Jack Mewhirter is a widely esteemed professor at Florida State University and widely revered among his students. His area of research interest lies within governance dynamics; his courses cover political science and environmental policy respectively. Furthermore, his works include several peer-reviewed articles and book chapters.

He employs an effective teaching style, not too easy and not too challenging, yet not pushover. His classes are enjoyable learning environments thanks to his funny remarks and open office hours which provide help when needed; furthermore he provides study guides for exams as well as extra credit opportunities.

Mewhirter placed in the top five at AVP tournament and represented Waves Volleyball Club at various USA Volleyball high performance events, also coaching them to several WCC Championships.

Personal Life

Jack Mewhirter is married to another political scientist and has one son. In his free time he enjoys playing sports and watching movies as well as traveling with his family.

Jack’s research centers around cooperation issues and policy influence in complex governance systems, particularly water governance. His work draws upon insights from both econometrics and various social science theories.

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Net Worth

Jack Mewhirter has amassed an estimated net worth of around $70.099 according to public records, earned through working as an associate professor at University Of Cincinnati.

Mewhirter’s research focuses on cooperation problems and policy influence in polycentric governance systems, with an emphasis on environmental policy. His methods of study include multivariate regression analysis and network models.

* Militarization and Police Violence in the Case of 1033 Program by Casey Delehanty, Jack Mewhirter, Ryan Welch and Jason Wilks published in Journal of Conflict and Peace Studies

View profiles of professionals named Jack Mewhirter on LinkedIn. He holds three jobs listed under him and earned his doctorate in political science from Florida State University Rate My Professors.

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