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Nantucket Residents Jack and Charity Grace

Jack has an insatiable thirst for knowledge when it comes to Nantucket history and community involvement; he was instrumental in the establishment of Nantucket Cottage Hospital.

Jack has also provided education on the history of Nantucket as part of his volunteer service and received multiple awards for his charitable efforts.

His antiques shop, the Depot, stands out as being unusual in that it does not carry reproductions or giftware lines; rather he searches for antiques that stand out for their craftsmanship and decorative impact.

Early Life and Education

Bonnie has been traveling to Nantucket with her husband for over 20 years. In 1996 they purchased a house in Siasconset and have spent every summer since then enjoying summers there with two of their three daughters and son. Bonnie attended Northwestern University where she earned an Honors BA in Art History; additionally, she has volunteered at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago while teaching preschool for five years – among many other experiences!

She is active with several non-profits that support women and children, in particular. She enjoys reading and travelling as well as cooking, exercising and watching the Boston Red Sox!

Dubinsky became fascinated with marine ecology as a youngster when attending the Marine Molecular Aquaculture (MMA). Since then, his research has taken him all around the world and now includes studying Nantucket-area ctenophores (comb jellies).

Professional Career

Jack is often the first face people see when arriving at Bartlett’s Garden Center. Serving as customer service worker for three summers now, he appreciates all of the support from both staff on Nantucket and customers in the office – early fall/summer when things slow down best, yet loves the energy of Nantucket season too!

He has an extensive professional background in personal property appraisal, providing services for estate, tax and insurance purposes. Additionally, he’s been actively involved with several community events like Nantucket Historical Association’s Festival of Trees, Sustainable Nantucket and Nantucket Book Festival; serving on boards for several non-profits like Town of Nantucket Senior Center Committee and Nantucket Musical Arts Society as a volunteer or board member.

Achievement and Honors

Charity Grace first visited Nantucket in 2015 and was instantly drawn in by both its natural beauty and by the people living on its shores. She immediately found a deep sense of kinship within this tight-knit community and became a permanent resident within months. Charity is passionate about women, youth and education on Nantucket – she serves as both board member for A Safe Place Nantucket as well as serving as clerk from 2014-20.

Every summer, he helps the MMA Aquarium staff scour Nantucket’s shorelines for marine life that could be of use to the Washington Street aquarium. His background lies in animal behavior and evolution; his research includes salt marsh ecology at University of New Hampshire and Institute of Arctic Biology of University of Alaska.

Personal Life

After retiring from General Electric, Jack relocated to Nantucket where he enjoys performing music in various local bands. In addition, Jack works as a personal property appraiser on and off island; additionally he’s actively engaged in community initiatives, co-chairing the Nantucket Historical Association Festival of Trees as well as volunteering for several non-profits.

He co-founded Antiques Depot of Nantucket in 1989 and continues to manage it today. Additionally, he has participated in multiple high-end antique shows throughout New England and the US.

Neutron Jack was widely respected for his cost cutting at General Electric (GE), while at his golf club and on its greens he was more often seen as a plainspoken, homespun leader who displayed both impish humor and refreshing candor towards his staff.

Net Worth

As a private appraiser of personal property, he writes valuations for estate, tax and insurance purposes. He’s a member of the Nantucket Antiques Depot Board as well as being former chair (and longtime volunteer at) the annual Nantucket Festival of Trees event.

Hostetter founded Continental Cablevision cable-television empire in 1963 on the belief that people desired more TV choices, and sold it for $5 billion later that same year. He later invested in KaBloom florists, Zoots dry cleaners, and Olly Shoes before retiring altogether in 2012.

The heir to Star Market fortune funds WGBH and has investments in residential developments, shopping centers and his own Brownfields Recovery Corporation that cleans up industrial sites. He makes large contributions to progressive candidates and causes alike – giving like the old Brahmins but with modernized sensibility.

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