Jack Rickard

Jack Rickard

Jack Rickard has made Tucson’s media community better through his timely reporting and human interest stories, always keeping an eye out for injustices that arise in society.

Rochester-native Eloise Wilkin brought life to many Golden Books’ wide-eyed, slightly plump children as well as drawing Mad Magazine’s gap-toothed, big-eared Alfred E. Neuman with her vibrant illustrations.

Early Life and Education

Jack Rickard excelled as a swimmer as a child in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Following graduation he enlisted in the Navy, serving on USS Midway before returning home and starting a publishing company in Southeast Missouri.

In the early 1980s he founded and edited Boardwatch magazine, initially as an industry publication focused on bulletin board systems; over time it evolved to become a prominent industry trade show with directory services for Internet service providers; it was later sold.

He also provided illustrations for advertising campaigns, crime magazines and posters for movies. Perhaps his most famous contribution to Mad magazine was featuring Alfred E. Neuman on its covers – often using an ironic gag to surprise the reader and draw out laughter from them!

Professional Career

Jack is known for his keen attention to detail. A strong communicator who always keeps clients well informed, Jack also excels as a skilled negotiator and consistently delivers amazing sales results to delight his satisfied clients.

Rickard graduated from Edison Technical Institute and Rochester Institute of Technology before serving in World War II as an army airman. Following that experience he went on to work for advertising agencies and magazines throughout Rochester, New York City and elsewhere as an illustrator.

His style was in high demand for movie poster art; for instance, he designed posters for two of Sidney Poitier’s movies as well as Peter Sellers’ 1974 hit Soft Beds, Hard Battles (formerly Party for Hitler and Undercovers Hero). Additionally, he served for many years as MAD magazine’s main replacement cover artist.

Achievement and Honors

Rickard’s bold approach to sports promotion won him widespread acclaim in New York City. Under his direction, the Rangers became one of hockey’s powerhouses within two seasons – even earning them an impressive Stanley Cup record!

Rickard was also an influential judge, mayor and attorney. To recognize his contributions to Santa Barbara Airport’s new terminal building in 2012, they named it after him to show their gratitude.

Rickard was in high demand as an illustrator of movie posters and promotional material, such as posters for Sidney Poitier’s Uptown Saturday Night and Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice films as well as Soft Beds, Hard Battles films. Additionally, his artwork appeared on several Mad paperback covers. Rickard’s company won six AIPX awards.

Personal Life

Rickard achieved one of his greatest victories when he persuaded the state legislature in the 1950s to pass a bill prohibiting oil exploration in Santa Barbara area. Additionally, he played an essential role in creating Shoreline Park, paving many streets on lower Eastside of Santa Barbara and persuading highway department against building raised Highway 101 through downtown.

Rickard was also known for his artistry; his works included posters for films starring Sidney Poitier and Alfred E. Neuman as well as Mensa membership.

Rickard created EVTV in 2008 as an online platform that taught individuals how to convert gas-powered cars to electric cars. Unfortunately, Rickard died at 74 from lung cancer caused by an undiagnosed golf ball-sized tumor located within his lungs that caused him to go undetected for four years prior to diagnosis.

Net Worth

Rickard was an extraordinary individual who pursued his interests with zest. He played a pivotal role in shaping Internet technology from its infancy by publishing Boardwatch magazine in the late ’80s; its coverage covered early bulletin board systems which would later evolve into the Internet.

His distinct style quickly made him in demand as an illustrator of movie posters for two Sidney Poitier movies – Uptown Saturday Night and Let’s Do It Again, plus two Peter Sellers flicks: The Pink Panther and Soft Beds, Hard Battles.

Rickard’s latest endeavor, EVTV, was an online platform which taught people how to convert gasoline-powered cars to electric-drive vehicles. Co-hosted with Brian Noto, the webcast quickly gained popularity with viewers; eventually they expanded EVTV’s focus onto solar power storage as well.

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