Jack Tibbetts

Jack Tibbetts

Tibbetts was an award-winning writer and freelance journalist, covering musicians, painters, playwrights and other artists for publications like Musicians’ Alley on CBS TV and Monitor Radio Network. Additionally he contributed his expertise as a newscaster for their broadcast news programs.

He is married with an infant son and was elected to represent District 6 on the Santa Rosa City Council. Now his seat has become vacant.

Early Life and Education

Jack Tibbetts has worked as a welder, professional skier and open water lifeguard. Now serving as Executive Director of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul District Council of Sonoma County as well as being elected as member of Santa Rosa City Council until last December.

He noted that Tibbetts’ disappearance had an international resonance as many could relate to her character and personality traits; she was outgoing, fun-loving and loved singing songs while driving around.

At high school, she competed in distance events without winning many first-place medals; nonetheless, according to her coach she never gave up striving to improve. Additionally, she took part in speech and theater, with Jarrod Diehm recalling her delivering consistent mature themes at competitions.

Professional Career

Tibbetts took great steps as a councilmember to assist homeless people within Oakmont district he represented. He served as liaison between council and Homeless Coalition as well as organizing community dialogue about homelessness in Oakmont district he represents.

He served as liaison for St. Vincent de Paul Sonoma County, an organization providing clothing and shelter to the homeless in Sonoma County. Through Warm for the Holidays – an initiative in partnership with local businesses providing thousands of coats and jackets each year for distribution – he became instrumental in expanding services provided through St. Vincent de Paul to those most in need in our county.

Mollie had an ability to make everyone in a room feel special and was adept at public speaking on issues she cared deeply about. According to her father, her true strengths as an empowered woman emerged when she wasn’t being “an annoying teenage girl.”

Achievement and Honors

Tibbetts holds the all-time assist record in the North Central Conference with 465 assists, helping his Coyotes capture three consecutive championships from 1999-2001. Furthermore, he ranks second on USD’s all-time list for points and steals.

He is the son of Sonoma County medical-group administrator Penny Tibbetts and political consultant Nick Tibbetts, both serving on Sonoma City Council as city council members in 2013 before unsuccessfully proposing an oil extraction tax that failed.

Tibbetts was actively engaged with many community service projects at SCSU while volunteering his expertise for various organizations, such as the Kansas Humanities Council. He contributed radio broadcast stories on musicians, painters and playwrights for various media outlets as well as written several short stories published in Twilight Zone magazine and Weird Fiction Review.

Personal Life

Tibbetts’ free time has not only been filled with political activities but also spent with her family – nieces, nephews and grand-nieces are her special passion! In particular she loves taking tours at Brookfield Zoo with them or visiting Lake Geneva in Wisconsin with her husband and their children.

She enjoys writing, and her father taught her literary techniques such as symbolism and metaphors to improve her craft. He also helped her hone her speaking and presentation abilities which are now helping architects at her firm.

Tibbetts also worked as a summer counselor at a day camp near Brooklyn, supervising school-age children while teaching them literacy, arts and crafts. According to Chad Nath, director of the center, Tibbetts was an approachable employee who truly cared for all those she worked with.

Net Worth

Mollie Tibbetts was an American student studying Psychology at the University of Iowa when she disappeared on July 18, 2018. Her parents are Laura Calderwood and Robert Tibbetts; she had two brothers named Jake and Scott as well as being in a relationship with Dalton Jack since 2016.

She is well-known for her activism on issues surrounding housing and homelessness, with a high attendance record at city council meetings; however, due to her executive position at St Vincent de Paul nonprofit she often misses votes during council discussions.

She is also an accomplished artist. Her paintings include portraits and landscapes. In addition, she has written several short stories published in Twilight Zone magazine and Weird Fiction Review and displayed in galleries worldwide.

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