Jack Tizzard

Jack Tizzard Died on Saturday Night in a Motorcycle Crash

Tizzard died Saturday evening following a motorcycle crash in Portsmouth, New Hampshire at 42.

Tizzard demonstrated how psychological and sociological research could work together to influence policy decisions without resorting to polemics or anecdotes; his efforts helped reform services for people with learning disabilities while advocating for small scale community care services.

Early Life and Education

Jack attended Oxford University from 1945-1948 where one of his tutors was Karl Popper, the philosopher of logic and scientific method. This experience reinforced his dedication to rigorous research while making lifelong friends among fellow students.

In 1962 Jack managed to secure significant long-term funding from the Department of Health for an ambitious project of his devising: conducting an epidemiological investigation of people with learning disabilities living in Wessex area. Much of this work interconnected and cross-fertilised with his work conducted within residential nurseries, approved schools, probation hostels and other ‘correctional’ institutions.

He was an incredible father, husband, grandparent and friend – especially to his grandchildren. He always took great delight in spending time with them all!

Professional Career

Jack conducted psychological and sociological research projects, but most of his efforts focused on people with learning disabilities. His goal was to improve care quality for these individuals while aiding in employment search efforts; additionally he studied how various residential care types impacted development for these mentally handicapped.

In 1948 he moved to the Social Psychiatry Research Unit of London’s Institute of Education where he became professor. There he established the Thomas Coram Research Unit which remained under his directorship until his death.

Jack’s research strategy relied heavily on linking together his various projects, which allowed him to build upon and enhance their results. This practice could also be seen in his influential book Community Care for the Mentally Handicapped.

Achievement and Honors

Jack excelled at initiating and negotiating projects while at the same time empowering other people to develop and report them – such as helping J G Lyle and Albert Kushlick with their Brooklands study, Michael Rutter with his Isle of Wight project and Berry Mayall and Pat Petrie with their childminding studies.

In 1968 he won a Kennedy Foundation International Award for Research in Mental Retardation and in 1973 the Research Award of the American Association on Mental Deficiency. Although skeptical of genetic explanations for human differences and opposing eugenics later in his life.

At Jack Tizard School, we foster an environment of respect for all no matter their gender, sexuality, social background, age, ability, nationality or religion. Each person is special and deserves our consideration and appreciation.

Personal Life

Jack was an incredible brother, son, uncle, grandfather and friend who will be deeply missed by many.

Since 1948, Dr. Green worked on projects with people with learning disabilities, using high quality science rather than polemic or anecdotes to influence policymaking. His three-fold strategy involved surveying need, creating model services, and evaluating outcomes; which eventually produced several influential government reports.

He was highly skeptical of genetic explanations for differences among individuals, becoming embroiled in two related controversies during the 1970s. One involved an article by American professor Arthur Jensen which claimed that black people performed lower on intelligence tests due to centuries of discrimination against them.

Tizzard and Barbara established the Thomas Coram Research Unit in 1973, and he served as its Director until 1979 when he died.

Net Worth

According to Wikipedia, Forbes & other Online resources, famous Celebrity Colin Tizzard has an estimated net worth of between $1-5 Million. Born in Milborne Port 63 years ago.

He is an accomplished professional with many accomplishments to his name, yet has maintained an intimate personal life – choosing not to make public announcements regarding any relationships he might be in or his status of singleness or partnership.

He is also an active philanthropist and has contributed significantly to research projects related to learning disabilities. However, he was deeply skeptical of genetic explanations for human differences; and was involved in two related controversies during the 1970s. His work won several prestigious American awards; additionally, his stable of horses received several special recognition. Originally intended as a gift to Joe in this season alone; yet another delay!

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