Jack Tribble

Jack Tribble, 79, Found Dead in Pond

Police in Bluffton, SC say all ground searches have been exhausted for the 79-year-old man who walked away from an assisted living home on August 23 at around 6:30 pm and are asking neighbors to check video doorbells and security cameras in that area at this time.

Early Life and Education

Tribble was discovered dead Tuesday near a residence near Okatie Highway in Beaufort County. Police reported his body was discovered in a pond nearby.

Margaret Tribble, wife of missing senior William Tribble, has offered a reward in exchange for any information leading to his safe return. Additionally, she has established a Facebook group dedicated to gathering support and organizing searches.

She has asked local residents and teens in the area to check video from home security systems and dashcams for any signs of her husband, Valentine, her Jack Russell terrier who went out with friends Tuesday evening but has been reported as missing since then.

Professional Career

Tribble defeated Iowa State wrestler Quean Smith despite their significant size difference on Monday in an intense wrestling match, taking the victory through an impressive decision after nearly an hour of intense combat.

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Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

Jack Tribble, 79 years old and missing from an assisted living facility since June 9, was found dead Tuesday morning in a pond behind a private residence on Okatie Highway approximately one half-mile away. Police reported no sign of trauma on Tribble’s body.

Margaret Tribble has issued a cash reward to anyone who can assist in finding her husband, Roger Tribble. To organize search efforts and organize search parties, Margaret created the Facebook group “Concerned Citizens of Bluffton”. Margaret has encouraged residents with home security systems or video doorbells as well as drivers equipped with dash cams to review video footage from these sources as part of her efforts.

Net Worth

This 79-year-old man was last seen leaving The Palmettos of Bluffton assisted living facility along U.S. 170 in Bluffton Tuesday evening wearing an orange hat, white shirt and tan jacket and having an slender build. Police are asking residents with video doorbells or dash cams in their area to review any footage stored on these devices as soon as possible.

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