Jack Waller

Jack Waller

Jack Waller is an esteemed real estate professional, educator and author who is expertly-versed in brokerage practices, broker policies, agency/contract law.

Jack, 2, from Thornton-le-Dale is currently suffering from Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), an incurable genetic condition which causes blistered skin. To raise awareness about it, his parents are hosting fundraising events, with Eleanor recently running in the Great North Run to raise money for research of Epidermolysis Bullosa.

Early Life and Education

Jack Waller was born and educated at North Side High School in Fort Worth, Texas. Throughout his life he worked hard, using his earnings to provide for his family of four children as well as serving in the US Marine Corps during World War II.

As part of his undergraduate degree at Central Michigan University in education, he obtained his initial real estate license. Subsequent to completion, he went on to co-found NCI Associates Ltd. which became one of Michigan’s premier licensed private vocational schools offering entry-level and advanced courses related to real estate and construction-related subjects.

Jack’s educational programs are highly sought-after as he blends practical wisdom, humor and an accessible approach into each discussion topic. Students leave his programs feeling empowered with hope for their own futures and strong faith that their value and efforts can produce satisfying results.

Professional Career

Jack Waller has made an impressive mark in both film and music production, garnering multiple awards for his efforts. Additionally, he has contributed to various charitable causes while becoming an esteemed member of the National Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Since making his international debut for England and Great Britain in 2018, he has become a vital member of their defense, helping guide them to fourth place at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Currently he plays with Belgian club Gantoise as well as England national team.

He has written several books and is widely respected for his expertise in real estate law. As a broker, educator, and attorney who specializes in brokerage practices, agency relationships and contract law; in Michigan.

Achievement and Honors

Waller is an accomplished field hockey defender for England and Great Britain. Since making his debut in 2018, he has become an integral member of both teams and recently won the BUCS Championship while studying history at Durham University.

As well as his professional basketball career, he has also made significant strides in basketball coaching. Specifically, he served for several seasons as a prep basketball coach at Village and Emerson high schools in Arkansas – his teams won state titles four times under his guidance!

Waller Truck Company of Missouri won a Platinum Rating at this year’s National Safety Awards program. This honor recognizes fleet management companies that adhere to trucking industry safety regulations; Waller was given this distinction.

Personal Life

Jack Waller was a dedicated husband, father, grandfather and friend. He enjoyed flying his plane and spending time on his ranch near Amarillo. Additionally, he enjoyed teaching Dermatology to 3rd year medical students at Texas Tech University of Medicine Amarillo as well as High Plains Dermatology where he served as beloved member. Jack traveled all seven continents helping people along his journeys.

Jack is an integral member of England and Great Britain defense, having made his senior international debut in 2018. Additionally, he led Durham University to win a BUCS Championship and plays for Belgian club Gantoise when not fulfilling national duties. Jack believes that to become an outstanding water polo player you must always be ready and willing to learn and improve.

Net Worth

Jack was deeply committed to veterans and made time available to them by volunteering his services and sponsoring 8 Honor Flights with Sandra for them to visit Washington DC free of charge for sightseeing of monuments. An avid traveler himself, Jack visited all seven continents; also mentoring numerous medical students within his community as a mentor figure.

Jack Laurence Waller is an English field hockey player currently playing as a defender or midfielder for Belgium club Gantoise and for both England and Great Britain national teams. He first made his senior international appearance in 2007, and currently earns a decent living as a professional water polo player.

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