Jack Wess

Jack Wess – Biography, Career, and Net Worth

Jack Wess is an American filmmaker and director. He has directed multiple branded projects for Goodstory films as well as television programs such as Nailed It! and Top Chef.

Wess was active in the labor movement and helped establish many Jewish trade unions. He served on the strike committee of tailors in June 1906 alongside Rudolf Rocker.

Early Life and Education

Jack Wess began his sports broadcasting career as a play-by-play sports announcer for Liberty Broadcasting System radio network, using Western Union ticker tape reports to simulate live Major League Baseball games. Later he would work for CBS Television in Dallas and KRLD-TV in Texas.

He began his academic journey by serving in the Navy before graduating with a Ph.D in psychology from Utah State University. Later, he went on to teach business courses related to psychology, education, and business management in various universities throughout America.

He made his film debut in The Help, alongside Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Jessica Chastain, Allison Janney and Mike Vogel; playing Carleton Phelan (Emma Stone’s brother in the film). Additionally he has appeared in numerous television shows and movies such as The Town That Dreaded Sundown and Broken Horses.

Professional Career

Wess is renowned for his skill as a jazz performer and has recorded on multiple albums, while contributing articles to publications like Modern Drummer and Jazz Improv. Additionally, Wess has composed pieces for clarinet and piano which he was commissioned to write as well as promoting new music through Tall Grass Records’ label Tall Grass Records; premiering Murray Gross’s Rhapsody for Clarinet as well as Carolina Heredia’s Vanishing respectively.

Wess has taught college-level classes and served on the Dean’s Advisory Boards at both Utah State University and Southern Utah University. Additionally, he has delivered presentations at corporate, government, medical, military and trade association audiences worldwide.

He enjoys bass fishing in his free time and boasts of possessing an extraordinary talent for breaking things. Additionally, he has written numerous professional papers and four books.

Achievement and Honors

He holds both an NEA Jazz Master award and Aquarian Artist of the Year recognition from 2007. Wess has taught at several universities, such as UW-Madison and Missouri State, and currently on faculty at Alma College in Michigan. Furthermore, Wess performs with Wingra Wind Quintet which serves as ensemble-in-residence at UW-Madison as a Backun Lumiere artist; additionally serving on professional development, hospitality and consultation committees and receiving Community President’s awards over these decades – one being honored in 2000 by receiving the Community President President’s award from President Wess!

Personal Life

At his externship at the National Council on Disability (NCD), Wes learned how government agencies interact and rely on each other, while also discovering an alternative means of settling disputes.

Wes is an avid fan of sports. He possesses an avid passion for basketball and enjoys playing it frequently – having even done so professionally for several years.

As well as his professional life, Wes leads an exceptional personal one. He is married and has two children whom he deeply values the opinions of. Furthermore, Wes has become very fond of dogs he owns as pets. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar and watching movies; also being an avid follower of mixed martial arts (MMA) movies has lead him to work on many films in this genre.

Net Worth

Jack Wess has amassed an estimated net worth of $8.5 Million. As a professional ice hockey player for Colorado Avalanche of NHL, Wess currently serves as defence. Highly talented in all aspects of hockey, Wess can play both sides.

Wess’ story is one of success from humble origins; coming from an impoverished background but prioritizing quality over quantity to achieve success in music industry. Signing deals with Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Records and Kanye West’s Good Music Labels helped him get signed, and soon enough Wess released songs such as Mo Bamba that earned him recognition (2017).

This song was dedicated to a friend, and it quickly rose up the charts. Since then, its singer has amassed significant earnings through both singing and modeling/clothes design professions.

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