Jack Windels

Jack Windels – A Special Kid With a Big Heart

Jack Windels served in the US Army during WWII. Since then he has specialized as an attorney in commercial real estate transactions involving sponsor/operator acquisitions/dispositions as well as lender side commercial loan transactions.

He has an expansive practice in bankruptcy and creditors’ rights matters. As an advocate for his clients, he offers practical solutions that meet their business objectives.

Early Life and Education

Jack Windels was an extraordinary boy with a big heart. Born with the intention of changing lives, he quickly became his mother’s true love & his father’s pride & joy; also serving as training wheels for aunts & uncles to become parents for the first time.

He donated his organ at the appropriate time and his family believes this act helped others live.

He grew up on his family farm near Hogeland, Montana, while also working at Muckala Silo Company and Muckala Silo Works. Later on he married Brenda Loeffen in 1991 and continued farming and cattle ranching during most of his lifetime. Additionally he was actively involved with community affairs such as serving on the Sebeka School District Board as well as membership with Lutheran Church in America.

Professional Career

Jack Riley Windels made his sudden and impactful entrance into this world on January 25, 2006 with the intent to alter lives forever. He became his mother’s true love, his father’s pride & joy, as well as training wheels for first time aunts & uncles who now are parents themselves.

He was always willing to lend a helping hand and was loved dearly by those close to him, including his own family and close friends. Unfortunately, in an accident on July 7, 2022 at 16 years old he passed away; having donated his organs that will allow others to live. To honor and share his story; many will miss him dearly.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Windels had an exceptional and tender spirit that touched everyone who knew him. He was his parents’ first true love and pride & joy; also, their first grandchild and great grandson respectively; as well as serving as training wheels for his aunts & uncles to become parents themselves.

Over 16 years, he gave of himself with great generosity. He loved and accepted everyone as they were and provided space for anyone wanting to do the same.

In his final days, he donated his organs so others may live and continue doing what he loved best: helping those around him. We will always remember his heart of gold.

Personal Life

Jack Windels was an exceptional young boy with an infectiously kind and generous spirit, always helping others and being an incredible example for his friends and family. With such a bright future and love of life – as evidenced by all those he touched – including being his mother’s first love and his father’s pride and joy; also serving as training wheels for aunts and uncles who would soon become parents themselves – his legacy lives on in all who knew him!

He is survived by his wife Kathy Windels and children Robert Luna, Frank Luna and Santos Luna Windels; daughter Julie Rae Windels Gibson; brother Pernal Solberg; grandchildren Danielle Luna Windels (husband Clinton Owens), Richard Windels Rachel Gibson with great-grandchildren Zayne Rayne Camilla Khloe Isabella as well as many nieces and nephews; nieces; and nephews.

Net Worth

Jack Windels was a 16-year-old boy with an enormous heart who was widely beloved amongst his peers and was known for helping those he could. He made them feel special whenever possible by helping their friends in small ways and always treated each person individually with respect and empathy. Jack was special indeed – everyone could count on his help no matter who or where they came from! He was also generous, often giving away items without hesitation. Unfortunately, after being involved in an accident that resulted in severe injuries that reduced his survival chances significantly, his parents decided that organ donation was in his best interests – to which he agreed. His death was announced less than 10 minutes after life support was disconnected, leaving his parents extremely mournful but his legacy will live on. Harold Windels; Aunt Randy Windels; cousins Toby Windels and Thomas Merchlewicz have already passed on.

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