Jackson Gross

Jackson Gross and the Pioneers

Jackson Gross ran for 222 yards as the Pioneers defeated Gladwin. This marked his second straight 200+ yard performance.

The state presented evidence to demonstrate that Gross was intentional in killing Lieutenant Lutz and used Ron Johnson’s firearm as his method. Serial number evidence established this fact as well.

Achievement and Honors

Jackson’s Together Again Tour earned some of her biggest numbers ever after an unprecedented critical review, return to touring form, and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Boxscore figures show it grossed $50.9 million while selling 479,000 tickets over 37 shows; surpassing her $46.1 million take for All for You Tour 2001 by almost 5 million tickets sold! This tour set records for highest grossing engagement in New York (at Madison Square Garden doubleheader), Atlanta and Los Angeles and one of her highest reported box office totals ever reported by any tour ever! Among best-selling tours ever

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