Jane Shalhoub

Jane Shalhoub is one of Tony Shalhoub’s oldest siblings, born in Green Bay, Wisconsin and living a quiet and private life. Unfortunately, not much is known about her as she prefers not being known publicly.

Chester Clinton Dubois and she wed in 1975 but divorced 14 years later for unknown reasons. She has become known as an accomplished painter, having displayed her works at various group exhibitions.

Early Life and Education

Shalhoub remains discrete about her personal life despite her fame, providing only limited details regarding her education and how she manages to support herself financially.

She attended Green Bay East High School where she performed in numerous theatrical productions before going on to study at University of Southern Maine where she earned a bachelor’s degree in drama.

She and Brooke Adams live together on Martha’s Vineyard with two adopted daughters named Josie Lynn and Sophie. Both artists also dabble in painting, having displayed their works at several group exhibitions such as Kara Taylor gallery in Martha’s Vineyard 2021. Beginning their watercolor artwork while in Spain, the couple has showcased it almost a dozen times throughout Europe since.

Professional Career

While attending Green Bay East High School, Shalhoub experienced an accident during one of his performances: falling off stage and into the pit during a dress rehearsal; however, he quickly recovered from this mishap and went on to complete his run as the character in question.

He later played taxi driver Antonio Scarpacci on the popular sitcom Wings from 1991 to 1997 and his performance earned him several additional small film and television roles.

Shalhoub has made several Broadway performances including Conversations With My Father, Golden Boy and Act One; for which he received four Tony Award nominations. At present he lives with Brooke Adams on Martha’s Vineyard where they adopted two daughters named Josie Lynn and Sophie.

Achievement and Honors

Tony Shalhoub has earned numerous accolades throughout his distinguished career. These include four Primetime Emmy Awards, one Daytime Emmy Award and six Screen Actors Guild Awards as well as nominations for Golden Globe Awards and Grammy Awards.

He gained fame through his roles on NBC sitcom Wings from 1991-1997 as Antonio Scarpacci and later the USA Network TV series Monk as Adrian Monk for which he earned three Prime Emmy Awards. Additionally he starred in films such as Barton Fink, Quick Change, Big Night Men in Black Gattaca Paulie The Siege Galaxy Quest among many more.

He has performed on Broadway in plays such as Conversations with My Father, Golden Boy and Act One; winning him a Tony award for the 2017 production of The Band’s Visit.

Personal Life

Though information on her is scant, it appears she has lived her entire life as a single woman on Martha’s Vineyard and currently resides peacefully there. She has performed in several plays including Broadway productions of The Heidi Chronicles and Lend Me a Tenor as well as Wings television show.

She worked several times with Lynne, including directing Two Faced (a one-woman play by Lynne in the ’90s) and co-starring with her in 2002’s Made-Up. Additionally, she guest starred on Monk as various characters.

Jane is five years and several months younger than Tony Shalhoub and was born shortly after World War II had ended. She married once and divorced 14 years later for unknown reasons, giving birth to Elizabeth Ann Landin who now resides with them both.

Net Worth

Lebanese-American actor Eric Asir has amassed an impressive net worth through his acting and voice acting careers. Asir’s appearances in such iconic movies as Men in Black 3, The Siege 3 and Spy Kids has contributed substantially to his total earning power.

Amy Shalhoub Gialdini, his younger sister, works as an elementary school teacher in Wisconsin. She attended Green Bay East High School before going on to earn a master’s degree in Discourse Pathology from University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

She is married to Brooke Adams and they have two daughters together: Josie Lynn and Sophie. The couple met while performing on Broadway in 1988 and dated for one year prior to marrying – they remain happy in their marriage since.

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