Jane Wurwand Net Worth

Jane Wurwand Net Worth – A Life of Hard Work and a Drive to Make Her Own Way in Life

A life of hard work and a drive to make her own way in the world have made Jane Wurwand net worth $15 million. A former hairdresser and esthetician, she founded a skincare brand that has become a household name in over 100 countries. She sells her skin care products to Unilever and is the founder of FOUND/LA, a nonprofit that provides funding and resources for local entrepreneurs in Los Angeles.

She has a strong message for young women who want to be successful, one that involves focusing on skills training instead of a degree. She also says that a good business can help you achieve financial independence, which is something she wants to see more women do.

Wurwand has spoken before the United Nations, and she serves as a Luminary member of Step Up Women’s Network, a national organization that offers life-changing opportunities for at-risk girls. She is also a mentor to graduate students and has served on the board of the Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at UCLA.

Her philanthropic work includes founding FITE (Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship), a global initiative that has helped 40,000 women entrepreneurs around the world to get started. It gives small loans to those who have been denied access to traditional forms of financial assistance, and supports skills-based education.

When she first moved to Los Angeles, Wurwand saw a gap in the market for skin therapy education. She and her husband, Raymond, opened the International Dermal Institute and began offering classes in advanced skin care for $10. After three years, they launched their Dermalogica line of professional skin-care products and have grown the company into a multi-national beauty brand.

As she grew the company, she realized that entrepreneurship was a key driver of her success, and she started an initiative to provide support for other women who were looking to start their own businesses. With a goal of helping 25,000 women worldwide, she established FITE in 2011, and it has now helped 40,000 women gain their own financial independence through business ownership.

She also helps to support local businesses in Los Angeles, including a project aimed at spotlighting female entrepreneurs who have been hurt by the economic downturn. The project will provide media coverage to these stories and funding for their businesses.

In addition, Wurwand has an initiative to support local entrepreneurs in the UK, where she grew up. She is working with a media partner and a financing partner to launch a project that will shine a light on female entrepreneurs who have been affected by the recent pandemic.

Despite the challenges that she faced growing Dermalogica, she says resilience powered her. She was able to get her business off the ground because she had a clear focus and a team that shared her passion. She also believed in the power of sharing Ben & Jerry’s values with her customers, which helped to build a community.

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