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Jeff Lutz – The Real Star of Street Outlaws

Jeff Lutz was born in America on the 15th of May 1970. He rose to fame when featured on Dssoveru channel’s Street Outlaws program and has taken part in many street drag races since. Additionally, Lutz owns an original 1969 Chevrolet Camaro as well as operating Lutz Race Cars which makes modifications on racing vehicles.

Early Life and Education

Jeff Lutz stands out among his Street Outlaws peers in that his background differs significantly from theirs. Rather than growing up surrounded by cars, his interest only became fully immersed later on in life – after receiving his first car as a gift from his father (a 1974 Nova hatchback at 14).

He now spends most of his time working on cars and competing in street drag races. A frequent participant at Drag Week, his racing skills have earned him immense respect in the industry.

He and Christine have been happily married since 1989, with Jeff Jr. as the only child. While not overtly sharing details of their private lives in public forums, the couple appears to have an intense bond between themselves.

Professional Career

Jeff Lutz is an incredible Race Car Driver who has earned great renown by pushing the boundaries of his profession. Born 15 May 1970 and living in California since 1977, Lutz can look back with pride at an impressive net worth and successful career to be proud of.

After graduating school, he initially worked in construction until the housing market crash forced him to switch careers.

Jeff eventually entered street racing, taking part in several races and opening his own shop, Lutz Race Cars. His family have been supportive and often attend races together – they even own their own car (Mad Max 1969 Camaro Pro Mod). Additionally, they own two 1957 Chevrolet Bel Airs known as Mad Maxs as well.

Achievement and Honors

Lutz was able to build his career through hard work and dedication towards his profession. He earned himself an excellent reputation among racers in his field as well as being widely seen on television shows.

Mad Max debuted on Street Outlaws season nine and quickly rose to the top with his sinister black Camaro Pro Mod, affectionately nicknamed.

After graduating high school, he worked as a construction worker alongside a group of masons. However, when the housing market collapsed he decided to focus his energies instead on cars which had long been his passion.

Lutz is very fortunate to be blessed with a supportive wife and son who are constantly there to show their pride for him in his racing endeavors. They regularly attend races alongside him, helping out at his shop or attending them themselves.

Personal Life

Jeff Lutz is an automotive dealer and reality TV star best known for his street racing endeavors. Featuring prominently in several street drag races has helped raise his profile and enhance his popularity; born 15 May 1970 he now resides in the US.

Jeff Lutz is currently married to Christine Lutz and they share one son named Jeff Jr. They reside together in Pennsylvania. Though not much information is revealed regarding their family life in public forums, their son appears to be following in his father’s footsteps in racing cars and other activities.

Lutz has always taken great pleasure in working on cars; his 1969 Camaro Pro Mod, known as Mad Max, and shop car are two vehicles he uses regularly to modify racing cars.

Net Worth

Jeff Lutz has amassed great wealth for himself and his family, which includes Christine (his wife) and Jeffrey Jr. They married on July 31, 1989 and have lived happily ever after.

Lutz has participated in multiple street drag races to gain experience and establish his name and reputation. Over time he has worked on multiple cars, most notably his 1969 Camaro Pro Mod which is affectionately known as Mad Max and two 1957 Chevrolet Bel Airs fitted with twin 98mm precision turbos.

Lutz also runs his own automobile company where he innovates new models of vehicles for market. Together with his team, they work closely with their customers in order to offer them top performance cars.

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