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Jenga Inventor – One of the Richest People in the World

Early Life and Education

Jenga began as an idea: stacking wooden blocks. Leslie Scott was only 17 when she began playing with her brother’s wooden toy blocks to create Jenga as an enjoyable family game.

Scott was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and has lived and worked around the globe ever since she moved there in 1968. Over her professional career she created over 40 board games – most famous being her 1983 invention Jenga which she self-published and unveiled at London Toy Fair.

Scott gave up her home, car, and savings in order to bring her legendary game into production. She even gave away the rights to its distribution by giving away her rights as part of an agreement between Canadian-based distributors of her game and his American-based brother of one of her close friends who helped distribute it worldwide. It has become an enormous hit selling millions of units globally while remaining popular in homes worldwide.

Professional Career

Jenga has long been a staple in families. It’s a timeless family game, one that keeps players laughing as they stack wooden blocks one after another until their tower collapses, but also inspires periods of intense concentration and fun!

Scott was born in Tanzania and raised between West and East Africa before arriving in Oxford for good in England’s dreaming spires in 1983 where she first introduced the game at London Toy Fair. It has become an international success ever since!

Initialy, she published and sold the game herself but subsequently licensed it to Irwin Toy for distribution in Canada and Hasbro as master licensee worldwide. Since then she has devised more than 40 titles.

Achievement and Honors

Jenga Inventor has reached a new level of fame and popularity over his long and distinguished career. One of the richest people worldwide, he has garnered considerable popularity over time, leading him to great success through hard work.

Leslie Scott is an internationally-recognized British board game designer and author. Her most renowned creation, Jenga, launched at London Toy Fair 1983 has since sold over 50 million units worldwide.

She has created and published over forty other games besides Jenga. For her efforts, she received many honors including the 2010 Wonder Women of Toy Inventor/Designer Award and 2012 Tagie award. Currently living near Oxford in England as mother to two, she remains active as an inventor/designer and designer of toys.

Personal Life

Keegan-Michael Key, an esteemed actor and comedian, boasts an impressive bank account to prove it. Key’s luxury condominium in Manhattan’s Jenga Tower is estimated to be worth over $5.26 million; his real estate portfolio also comprises several additional assets.

Leslie Scott, born and raised in West and East Africa and fluent in Swahili, is best known as the creator of Jenga. In 1983 she unveiled the block-building game at London Toy Fair.

Though her game was successful, it proved challenging for her to break into the male-dominated world of toy design and marketing. After years of searching, she eventually secured the necessary partners that helped turn it into a global success.

Net Worth

Leslie Scott is one of the world’s most well-known game designers and the creator of Jenga, winning numerous accolades including 2010 Wonder Women of Toys Inventor/Designer Award and 2012 Tagie award for Excellence in Game Design.

Originating from Tanzania, Scott created her famous game in Oxford, England. Block-based Jenga can be played by multiple players simultaneously and has the capacity to provoke all types of emotions–ranging from lighthearted laughter and concentration, all the way through to suspenseful tension.

Scott had high hopes when she introduced Jenga at the London Toy Fair in 1983, yet it took some time before it started making any real money for her. Eventually, she assigned worldwide rights of Jenga to Canadian-based brother of a friend who then sold them back.

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