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Animal Specialties and Provisions Loses AALAS Member Jerrod Adams

Jerrod Adams was an outstanding leader in our industry and an exceptional father and husband who will be greatly missed.

Adams is facing kidnapping and attempted gross sexual imposition charges and his trial is scheduled for June. If found guilty, he faces up to 20 years imprisonment; he leaves behind his wife Andrea, daughters Arianna and Cailyn as survivors.

Early Life and Education

Jarrod leaves behind Victoria Trevino of Carlinville; two daughters Jillian and Karleina Tipps of Medora; his fiance Victoria Trevino; Michael (R.J. Trump) Fenstermaker from Gillespie; several aunts, uncles and an extended network of family and friends; as well as an abundance of extended relatives.

As a young man, Adams traveled with his father and brother on diplomatic missions across Europe and attended private academy outside Paris, Latin School Amsterdam and Leyden University for studies. Later that same year he was appointed minister plenipotentiary for Russia where he witnessed Napoleon’s invasion and failed attempt to conquer Europe, helping bring about peace negotiations through diplomacy.

As a senator, Adams began shifting from his nominally Federalist stance in support of Thomas Jefferson’s Democratic-Republican administration and its policies – such as supporting the Louisiana Purchase and Embargo Act of 1807 against foreign trade – towards those held by Thomas Jefferson himself and supporting Thomas Jefferson’s Democratic-Republican administration and their policies of support of Louisiana Purchase and Embargo Act against foreign trade. Adams alienated Massachusetts state legislature which, upon prematurely nominating a successor six months before Adams term expired prematurely nominating a successor instead, Adams decided to resign from office voluntarily thereby ending up his term voluntarily thereby leaving Massachusetts state legislature behind and dispensation was then taken away by Adams who left shortly thereafter resigned before leaving office due to Massachusetts state legislation acting before his term ended as Senate seat vacant by premature nomination of successor by Massachusetts state legislature and nominating someone before him leaving Massachusetts state legislation.

Professional Career

Jerrod Adams had an immense passion for helping others that he carried into his career. He was constantly finding new ways to enhance processes and empower individuals. Jerrod was a vital member of our National AALAS family and will be sorely missed.

He served as head of Naval Support Activity Bethesda’s Project Management and Engineering Branch (PMEB), drawing upon his military experience to find innovative yet cost-effective methods of overseeing construction projects.

Prior to joining our firm, he served as an associate at Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel in Chattanooga and Woods Rogers in Roanoke, Virginia. His practice focused on strategic transactions, equity finance and nonprofit representation as well as providing counsel on corporate governance matters for for-profit entities in healthcare, biotech, transportation and professional services industries.

Achievement and Honors

Jerrod was both an esteemed scholar and educator. He regularly took courses across the country to stay abreast of advancements in dentistry and worked toward earning his MAGD certificate, an accomplishment only 3 percent of dentists ever achieve.

He amassed more than 4,400 passing yards and set an EWU school record 20 touchdowns during his time there, garnering both FCS national performer of the week honors against Montana State as well as Big Sky conference player of the week recognition from College Sports Madness and Beyond Sports Network.

Adams had 42 pass plays of 40 yards or longer during his career, including 26 touchdown passes in 2013. Additionally, he was recognized by Geico Play of the Year award as a finalist for his game-winning run and touchdown pass versus Oregon State.

Personal Life

Jerrod Adams was an enthusiastic employee, dedicated to his work at Minot State and in the Animal Specialties and Provisions community. He will be greatly missed.

He began as a warehouse associate and eventually worked his way up to become the General Manager. Nothing stood in his way when it came to being there for his company.

Ann Harrod was an intelligent and serious young lady from Haverhill. Abigail Adams approved of their match, calling Ann a worthy and amiable lady qualified “to make a good wife”. John’s travel on circuit court assignments as well as his duties as member of Congress and diplomat left Abigail with responsibility for their children, farm, and household duties.

Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Yolanda Adams has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $12 Million through her gospel singing career as well as movies and TV appearances.

Jerrod Adams Investing is based in Mooresville, North Carolina and manages $25.1 Million across 124 customer accounts.

Adams is certainly a significant upgrade over Henry Ruggs III and Zay Jones, but it would be incorrect to suggest he will elevate Oakland Raiders into AFC West contenders overnight. Even with such a big-name addition as Adams in their ranks, winning a Super Bowl is unlikely. Still, this move was worth making for them.

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