Jess And Lauren Fight

Lauren Goodger and Jessica Wright Fight

There is no doubt that Lauren Goodger and Jessica Wright have had their fair share of drama in recent years. They have been known to clash in public and off-screen alike. During a recent episode of The Only Way Is Essex, the pair had a spat. Although the episode is over, it is not clear how the fight ended. One thing is for certain, the two women are not getting along at the moment.

It all started when the two ladies clashed with each other at Chloe Sims’ birthday party. While Jessica claimed to be “in the right”, she was branded as a “deluded” by her sister. However, the two have since reconciled.

Despite their apparent friendship, the two have a number of quarrels to resolve. Aside from the spat, the pair have also been accused of cheating on one another. In fact, Lauren admitted to sleeping with Mark while they were together. She also said she would “leave it alone” if Mark was not ready to make a commitment.

Although it is not uncommon for celebrities to get into feuds with each other, the duo have been at each other’s throats for quite some time. Their relationship came to a head last week after a row on a night out. During the episode, Jessica called Lauren’s actions “weird” and accused her of ruining her relationship with Mark. Afterward, the pair were spotted arguing over Twitter. This was a particularly bad move on Lauren’s part.

The aforementioned twitter incident was a minor detail, however, in the grand scheme of things. During the series, the duo has fought back and forth in a bid to maintain their friendship. But in the end, the two ladies aren’t as close as they once were. During the recent episode of TOWIE, the pair didn’t even meet for a meal. And, according to sources, this is because Jess was having a hard time dealing with the weight gain in her body.

It’s also safe to say that the fight between the two was not something that fans of the show will be happy to see. While the two ladies have had a number of good moments in the show, such as their wedding and announcing their engagement, it’s safe to say their relationship has taken a hit.

In the same episode, the Arg and Lydia storyline hasn’t been ignored. After a tense encounter with Arg, Jessica stepped in to pacify her boyfriend. Her hair extension may have been torn off during the fracas. Nevertheless, the pair are expected to get their act together.

The battle between the two lasted for more than an hour. And, as if the tension wasn’t already intense enough, it was revealed that Ricky has been kissing Arg. Tom wasn’t too keen on this development, however, as it would make it difficult for him to sleep with his wife, Cara.

As a matter of fact, the pair had to settle their differences after several months. Despite the tense situation, they were still able to maintain their ties off-screen. And, if rumors are to be believed, they will be featured in an upcoming episode of The Only Way Is Essex.

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