Jessica Simpson Willie Nelson Halloween Costume

Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings Halloween Costumes

The country music legends, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, have inspired several stars to wear their iconic looks for Halloween. Jessica Simpson wore a Willie Nelson costume for the holiday, while Eric Johnson donned a Waylon Jennings costume.

The couple’s son Ace also wore a cowboy costume. However, the Internet had an opinion about Maxi’s hair. Some fans praised it, while others criticized it. Others believed that the color change was temporary, and that she may have simply used a wig or a spray-on color.

On Halloween, the country star sported a black hat, a black vest, and black jeans. He also wore a white button-down shirt and a white and black guitar. He also wore an American flag bandanna, which sold the look.

Maxwell, on the other hand, was dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Her costume was similar to Jessica’s. She had brown hair that looked like it was dyed. It is possible that Jessica applied a wig or a temporary spray color to her daughter’s hair.

Another commenter wrote that Jessica was “dying” Maxi’s hair brown. This is not the first time that the star has been criticized for changing her child’s hair color. In the past, she’s been accused of making her children look unattractive and “hot” for her husband.

Jessica Simpson is known for wearing costumes for various occasions. She has donned a cowboy outfit for a number of times, and also a variety of other country icons. During her marriage to Eric Johnson, she has been the subject of many online comments. One woman even claimed that she was “hot” for her husband.

Jessica and her family recently took their Halloween celebrations seriously. They both posed with guitars and posed for a photo on their social media accounts. The couple’s son, Ace, was a cowboy, while their daughter, Maxwell, was Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Jessica Simpson recently revealed that she was pregnant for a third time. The news was announced in September. As a result, she decided to dress up for Halloween in a way that paid homage to her pregnancy bump.

Jessica also shared pictures of her family on Instagram. She and Eric Johnson were dressed as country stars, while their daughter, Maxwell, wore Belle from the Disney movie. Both the mom and dad wore bandannas with an American flag on them, which sold their look.

For their Halloween costumes, Jessica and Eric also posed with their guitars. They also had their son, Ace, dressed as Johnny Cash. That costume was a little more traditional than the couple’s other Halloween costumes. Interestingly, Jessica wore a paisley shirt to sell the look.

The family’s Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings costumes proved to be popular with fans. Jessica and her husband posted a photo on Instagram of their costume, and their daughter Maxwell wore Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Several commenters pointed out that Maxi’s hair is a little brown, which is likely a temporary color change.

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