Jim Bob Duggar Hair Piece

Jim Bob Duggar Is Still Silent on Social Media

A glaring issue for Duggar fans is that Jim Bob Duggar is still silent on social media. Many Duggar fans think he is avoiding the spotlight because of the recent defense his son, Josh, has received in court. Other fans believe he is upset by Jill Dillard’s hairstyle change. However, some snarks believe that Jim Bob will hate the new style, which may cause a huge divide in the family.

When Josie Duggar was first born, Michelle put on two pink bows. She also straightened her hair and had bangs. This was the 80s, but she hasn’t stopped wearing that style in the modern day. It’s a style that seems to have passed down to all the girls.

But now that Josie is older, she has a head full of blond hair. That might be a sign that Michelle has taken notice of her 10 daughters’ hairstyles. While Jim Bob and Michelle have limited the hair cuts for their kids, that doesn’t mean that all the girls don’t get to wear their hair long.

The Duggar family often goes to the same hair salon as the husbands and daughters. They wear matching belts and make sure to get their hair done regularly. One thing that the Duggar girls have a hard time with is the family’s strict dress code. Since it’s a religious cult, females are supposed to keep their hair long.

Recently, Jim Bob Duggar volunteered to let his daughter, Jordyn, cut his hair. Jordyn wanted to learn how to do it. As the mother of two, she has had her share of bad hair days.

Jim Bob and Michelle were married in 1984. Their oldest child, Joshua, was born in 1988. After that, they had 18 more children. Anna Duggar, their youngest child, was born in December 2009. Her parents have been very strict with their younger kids, including Josh and Anna.

Despite the sex crimes and multiple accusations of child pornography that Josh has faced, he remains a beloved member of the family. His sister-in-law, Joy-Anna Duggar, has also been supportive of his case. In fact, they are helping her take care of her young children.

While many Duggar fans have been disappointed that Jim Bob hasn’t been on social media for a while, some are hoping that he is finally allowing his girls to be more independent when it comes to their hair. Jill and Jinger have reportedly defied the family’s dress code. Although they have been known to dye their hair, they have also opted to stay in their pants.

Apparently, the Duggar family doesn’t spend much money on unnecessary things. Jim Bob is known to grind his teeth when his girls violate the family’s rules. He and Michelle are strict with the younger kids, too. And they don’t allow them to watch TV or listen to non-religious music.

Jim Bob and Michelle have been married for over 30 years. It’s not hard to guess how they will influence the style of their daughters.

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