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Joe Gorga is a Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member, but he also has a side hustle as a real estate investor. The 42-year-old brother of Teresa Giudice has made his fortune through his real estate business, but he’s also had some brushes with the law.

During Season 12 of RHONJ, Teresa Giudice bought a new home. At the time, Teresa and her ex-brother-in-law, Joe, got into a heated debate over their respective financial shady business dealings. They argued over whether or not they were “flipping” their house. While Joe and Teresa said they weren’t, the conversation was blown out of proportion by Jen Giudice. She said a “flip” occurs within six months of the purchase. When Jen refused to back down, Joe and Teresa got angry.

Since then, Joe and Melissa have become a fixture on the show. They were among the cast members who defended each other while filming. Despite the drama, the couple seem to have a strong relationship. In fact, the two married in August of 2022.

Throughout the years, Gorga has cultivated a following as a real estate investor, though he claims he is not the one doing the flipping. On his Instagram account, he posts photos of properties transformed in New Jersey. He’s even shared a video tour of one of his properties. This has led some fans to question the authenticity of the post. Luckily, it was a mistake.

Previously, Gorga had a reputation for shady business dealings. He owed contractors and his landlords $2 million, and one of his tenants had a slip and fall on a property owned by him. As for his social media accounts, he’s been accused of sharing images of flipped houses without permission. And he recently took out loans from several banks, causing him to default on his debt.

Apparently, Gorga is a nice guy, but he’s also been known to make headlines for various reasons. For instance, he’s been linked to several reports of shoplifting. But the truth behind the rumors doesn’t lie in what he stole or how he did it.

Gorga’s alleged social media gaffe was due to a 21-year-old social media manager. Gorga said the photo was a mistake, but he also said the internet is smarter than that. Several fans speculated on the post, and a few wondered what it all meant. Eventually, the picture was verified by internet sleuths as being a picture of a different house than the one the user was referring to.

It should be noted that Gorga is not the first person to make an Instagram post of a house that was flipped. Several users have posted photos of the same properties, without attribution, that they think are a hoax. Some sources say they are a replica of the house, but that’s not always the case. Nevertheless, the internet has proved that it can be done.

One fan even spent $10,000 on a Joe Gorga experience. Included in the package was a day with Gorga and a high-end lunch.

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