John Blaker

The Blaker Baronetcy

On September 5, 1919, Sir John Blaker of Brighton in Sussex created The Blaker Baronetcy as a title in honor of himself as an influential British politician.

Blaker served as Mayor of Brighton from 1895 to 1898 and was also a Conservative MP for Spelthorne from 1931 until 1945.

Early Life and Education

John Blaker had the advantage of attending school when he was young, providing him with invaluable opportunities to learn how to read and write, as well as other essential life skills.

He enjoyed playing sports and meeting new people, which eventually led him to pursue a degree in education.

Once he graduated, he worked as a teacher in Philadelphia’s public schools. However, in 1882 he and his wife Louis moved to Indianapolis at the invitation of Hadley Roberts Academy.

Blaker of Indianapolis opened the first free kindergarten at Friendly Inn with a vision to provide children with an encouraging and educational space to learn.

Professional Career

John Blaker served as Vancouver’s Chief of Police from 1937 to 1945 and is remembered for his involvement in several notable incidents, such as the 1943 riot that was widely covered by the media.

His career as a lawyer has seen him represent some of the nation’s leading insurance companies, local governments, corporations and individuals in coverage, liability and misconduct claims. Additionally, he handles complex civil litigation cases and commercial disputes.

One of his notable victories involved a multi-million dollar jury verdict for his New York law firm and attorney clients in a legal malpractice case. He has handled other significant legal cases as well. Besides practicing law, he co-founded an immigration law firm and lends a helping hand in his community by being an active member of his church and volunteering for numerous local nonprofit organizations.

Achievements and Honors

He was awarded the prestigious Victoria Cross (VC) for his bravery during World War II, and served in Parliament.

He currently serves as Director of Treasury for the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, overseeing cash flow management, investments, real estate projects and debt obligations. Furthermore, he maintains relationships with financial institutions, foundations and churches.

A surviving muster roll indicates that Blaker enlisted in 1784 with the Loyal Rangers and was 79 years old in 1833. However, petitions 118 (1790) and 132 (1819) state that Blaker is a Lieutenant Col in the Loyal Rangers.

Personal Life

John Blaker was an enthusiastic supporter of the arts throughout his life. He often visited Joseph Johnson’s house, where he met renowned literary and political figures.

However, he was an outspoken atheist. As a child, he reported having visions which he described in many of his poems.

Blaker’s family also immigrated to Canada. His sister Lucretia is believed to have settled in Upper Canada around 1788.

He eventually settled in Fredericksburgh, Ontario as evidenced by his inclusion on three lists generated in 1784-6 as a settler of that town.

Net Worth

John Blaker is an award-winning businesswoman who has transformed her company from a garage operation into an international enterprise. Recently, Nobel Peace and Economics Prize winners presented her with the 2018 Oslo Business for Peace Award – presented annually to a company that best promotes world peace. Blaker founded Colfax-based Integrated Systems Inc. with operations across five continents; her estimated net worth ranges between $25-34K. She is married to Larry Grant Blaker and they have three sons.

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