John Blott

John Blott

Blott, a former police officer who committed sexual offences against young women, has been ordered to undergo monitoring over the next decade. He will not be permitted to engage in any sexual relationships without first informing police.

He was found guilty in 1998 for sexually assaulting two girls and was jailed for ten years.

Early Life and Education

John Blott was born in Elizabethan England, likely around 1580. He was the first of ten children born to a peasant family in Podington, a village located in northern Bedfordshire.

He married Margaret Peck in October 1563 at All Saints Church, Oakley, Bedfordshire and they had several children together including Robert (c.1555-1610).

However, it is likely that John Blott who was baptised in Ridgmont 1551 was not the same individual who was christened there due to religious tension between Roman Catholics and Protestants at this time. It is also possible he was related to Robert Blott who first lived in Ridgmont, Harrold and Podington around 1550 or earlier until at least the mid-1570s.

Professional Career

He served as a traffic patrol officer for 27 years, before transitioning into legal practice. His areas of expertise include care home fee reclamation, landlord-tenant law and debt recovery.

He was found guilty of two rapes and an indecent assault against three victims from Teesside who trusted him due to his status as a police officer.

He engaged two young women while on duty outside Middlesbrough town hall, then drove them to his home where he fondled their breasts and masturbated. Additionally, in 1993 he abducted a 16-year-old college student during a date.

Achievements and Honors

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) recognizes individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions to geoscience research. Nominations must be received no later than January 1st each year in order for the Honors and Awards Committee enough time to investigate, deliberate, and make recommendations to the SEG Board of Directors.

John Blott was an illustrious football player and coach whose short career in the big leagues ended with him earning an All-American center kicker for the University of Michigan Wolverines in 1922, followed by his time as a catcher for the Cincinnati Reds (1924). To cap it all off, his teams won a national championship in 1923 as part of an incredible run that included winning an unprecedented national title for Michigan!

Personal Life

John Blott was a giant of both spirit and size. A loving husband, father, grandfather and off-road enthusiast, his passions also extended to camping and boating trips.

He was a policeman in the UK and lived in Kirkham, England. After 27 years he retired and now spends his free time reading Greek and Latin literature, studying works of theology, as well as ringing church bells at his local church.

He has a sexual offences prevention order which prohibits him from being alone with any female without first informing them that he has been convicted of rapes. Furthermore, any females must not receive his coaching services unless they are made aware of his past activities.

Net Worth

John Blott is a businessman with an estimated net worth of $4 billion. As co-founder of Blott Asset Management and veteran in the investment industry for 14 years, his fortune stems from his professional career and investments in various companies. As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Intermap Technologies, as well as member of its audit committee at OSI Geospatial Inc, Blott has extensive industry experience; his name appears on many films such as Scum, Firefox, Brazil, Blame It on the Bellboy, Danny the Champion of the World and Christopher Columbus: The Discovery.

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