John Boich

John Boich – A Memorable Lifelong Ohio Republican

John Boich was an amiable, kind and compassionate individual. He was well known for his dedication to community involvement and encouragement of citizen involvement.

Boich, after a career in finance, took a chance and bought an undeveloped vineyard on the northern tip of Mount Veeder appellation. Together with winemaker Jeff Ames, they create limited release wines that are both approachable when young and age worthy with age.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Boich has been involved in commercial real estate for over 15 years, currently holding the position of director at CBRE. Throughout this time, he has acquired expertise across many property types.

He advises his clients on property management strategy and assists them in leasing, repositioning, operating and selling their assets profitably. With local market insight, specialized commercial real estate expertise and superior property management outcomes for his Twin Cities clients, he provides exceptional services.

His most remarkable success is the Boich Family Cellar, a Napa Valley hidden gem that specializes in wines from some of the region’s iconic heritage vineyards, such as Beckstoffer’s To Kalon, Georges III and Missouri Hopper from Sonoma County; available through an allocation-only model that’s sure to please even the pickiest palate.

Achievements and Honors

Boich was an impressive figure with an impressive resume. A graduate of the top of his class, he held numerous leadership roles within financial services while carving out time for family and friends in the Bay area – earning him recognition as 2010 Citizen of the Year by Toronto Magazine. On top of this he founded Rambo Creek Ratepayers Association and served on Ward 2 City Council; all while possessing a deep-felt philanthropy ethic and relentless determination to ensure his city became its best possible version itself.

Personal Life

Boich and his wife Cynthia have a longstanding commitment to Ohio Republican politics. Since 2016, they have contributed an impressive $1.3 million to candidates, including $148,417 to House Speaker Larry Householder’s personal campaign account last year.

Records show that Wayne Boich, the chief executive officer of an Ohio-based company, contributed $100,000 to a for-profit corporation which spent almost $1.5 million supporting Householder and his fellow Republican candidates. These contributions significantly boosted Householder’s chances of becoming speaker.

He never expected his life’s journey to take such an unexpected turn when he invested in raw land in Napa Valley. For eight years, the former finance executive worked hard and turned his suit into a shovel, planting vines by hand each Saturday until they produced wines worthy of global recognition. Now his efforts have paid off: his wines have gained critical acclaim and recognition around the globe.

Net Worth

Boich is the CEO and Chairman of Columbus-based Boich Companies, which owns one of the world’s largest underground coal mines. Additionally, their firm has a substantial presence in real estate development.

Boich, who had a successful career in finance, began visiting Napa and Sonoma during the 90’s for several nights at a time. On one such trip he was drawn to a property at the northernmost tip of Mt. Veeder appellation; on a whim he decided to purchase it.

Since then, he has amassed an extensive real estate portfolio, including three homes on North Bay Road. He plans to knock them all down and construct a luxurious bachelor pad on the property. Furthermore, Boich Family Cellar – which makes high-end wines from legendary vineyards in Napa Valley – is another of his investments.

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