John Carruthers

John Carruthers – One of the Signature Characters and Storytellers in Orpheus

John Carruthers is one of Orpheus’ Signature Characters and Storytellers, offering his expertise across a wide range of subjects. As such, John has proven to be an invaluable asset to the organization.

He is an acclaimed and talented engineer with extensive expertise in railway construction. He has worked in numerous countries around the globe.

Early Life and Education

John Carruthers achieved great fame in the world of engineering, working on railway construction projects throughout Canada, the United States, Russia and Mauritius. In 1871 he was appointed as New Zealand’s first Engineer-in-Chief.

He was an early supporter of William Morris and joined the Hammersmith Socialist Society. Unlike many backward-looking utopians, Carruthers was a technological optimist who believed machines could be used to enhance workers’ lives.

Carruthers’ early publications included two historical volumes that depicted the Revolution as a civil war in North Carolina and supported the role of the state militia during that conflict. He was also one of the first historians to document slavery practices within the state.

Professional Career

Caruthers made a stunning debut in the minor leagues and quickly rose to become an American Association star, pitching 483 innings and winning 40 games for St. Louis in 1886 – an accomplishment few major-league pitchers can match today.

He hit.347, good enough to place him second in the American Association and fifth in the National League. As one of only a few pitchers ever to hit four extra-base hits in one game, he earned himself the title of American Association’s Most Valuable Player for 1886.

After his playing career, Caruthers embarked on a professional umpiring career. He umpired in both American and Western leagues, but his record as an umpire wasn’t nearly as illustrious as that of his playing days. Additionally, he often found himself involved in contentious situations.

Achievements and Honors

John Carruthers was an accomplished bridge player. His articles about the game have been featured in multiple countries and earned him a following among bridge enthusiasts worldwide.

Carruthers has received numerous honors throughout his career. Aside from being an expert bridge builder, he is also an educator and social advocate.

He has earned numerous accolades throughout his career, such as the Chancellor Research & Creative Achievement/Professional Promise Award, Thomas & Ruth Clark Excellence in Chemical Engineering Award, DARPA Youth Fellowship Award and Distinguished Leadership Award for Planning Educator by National Capital Area Chapter of American Planning Association. Furthermore, he serves on various committees and boards; is a member of International Bridge Press Association and ACBL unit 166 Lifetime Honorary Member.

Personal Life

John was an amazing Christian, funny musician, teacher, quirky friend and so much more. His life touched many lives and those fortunate enough to know him will miss him greatly.

His diverse interests included traveling, having an infectious sense of humor, philosophical discussions and intellectual debates. Despite his health problems he still managed to hold many offices: senator, president of the New South Wales Chamber of Agriculture, trustee for both National Park and Art Gallery as well as playing cricket for fun!

He was an influential leader in the anti-slavery movement and wrote extensively about it. Additionally, he served as educator, historian, and minister.

Net Worth

John Carruthers is an acclaimed English cricketer, best known for his right-handed batsman who bowls right-arm medium fast.

His net worth is $5 Million, acquired through his career as a cricketer.

In addition to his professional earnings, he has also amassed a fortune through stock trading. Currently, he owns an extensive number of shares in US Foods Corp.

John Carruthers was born in Barnsley, Yorkshire on April 13th 1970 and is a 53 year old professional cricketer. Married with two children, he enjoys an active social life.

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