John Carvelli

John Carvelli

John Carvelli is an educational consultant who assists charter schools with school improvement initiatives. He assists them with hiring, coaching and developing their principals.

He also provides ongoing coaching to teachers and support staff.

He specializes in developing and providing effective new teacher development, learning walks for school-wide improvement, as well as mentor training and support.

Early Life and Education

Carvelli was born on November 2, 1944 in Denver, Colorado and received his education at the University of Florida and doctorate in education administration from Clemson University.

He has been in the education business for over 35 years. As founder of Carvelli and Associates, he brings with him a wealth of experience as an educator, elected official and consultant to his clients. His specialties include Charter School academic improvement, curriculum development, school principal coaching/leadership development, Governing Board strategic planning processes, relationships with Charter School sponsors (School District Staff) as well as teacher mentoring.

He has also dedicated his time at the local level to make his community a better place to live and work. Among other accomplishments, he served as Port St. Lucie City Councilman from 2016-2020 and helped pass a half-cent sales tax for infrastructure upgrades.

Professional Career

John Carvelli has extensive professional experience working with educational institutions. He holds degrees in teacher education, principalship studies, curriculum specialistry and area/central office administration.

As such, he possesses an in-depth understanding of how to enhance education. Furthermore, his familiarity with charter schools’ operations speaks for itself.

His firm boasts an experienced team of professionals in education and community leadership. They have worked with clients in elementary, middle, high school, and adult education settings.

His team of specialists also works with charter schools. They have reviewed and evaluated applications, conducted annual reviews, and offered support and oversight as many charter schools continue their academic improvement journeys.

Personal Life

John Carvelli is a highly accomplished attorney specializing in workers’ compensation claims. He has provided legal services to numerous employers and holds membership with the New York Bar Association.

He is also a board-certified life coach who has assisted people in overcoming challenges. Most importantly, he’s a proud father and grandfather.

His daughter is a fashion merchandising major who plans to pursue an MBA. In her free time, she enjoys bowling, fishing and playing cards.

John was a four-time cancer survivor who treasured his faith and family. A longtime parishioner of St. Joseph & St. Patrick Church in Utica, NY, John was also self-taught handyman with an infectious sense of humor. Above all else, John will be greatly missed as a friend by those close to him.

Net Worth

John Carvelli is a director and EVP for Liberty Dental group of companies, a dental managed care insurance provider. His net worth is $4 million. Additionally, John owns Empire Pacific Consulting which offers business and public affairs consulting services to healthcare, financial, and information technology firms.

He is also a political activist. He served as press aide to former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley and managed a California statewide political campaign for Lt. Governor. A member of the 400 Club of Orange County Republican Party and active in political campaigns for over 25 years; additionally a former member of National Conservative Foundation; most notably survived by his loving family: wife Bonnie; daughters Tracie Kaminski of Floyd, Carrie Thomas of New Hartford, Katie Jadhon also of New Hartford and Bonnie Fazio from Clinton; brothers-in-law John DiNigro Gary Eric LouAnne Beaton; nine precious grandchildren plus numerous nieces and nephews.

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