John Casbon

John Casbon – Business Person

John Casbon is a successful entrepreneur who has founded five different businesses. Additionally, he serves on the board of First Horizon Corporation in Tennessee.

Casbon, a member of The Police Foundation, works to create an effective criminal-justice system in New Orleans that can keep bad guys away. He has dedicated hundreds of hours to fundraising events, speaking to citizens groups and engaging with politicians.

Early Life and Education

John Casbon is a self-taught musician who plays his guitar in gritty barrooms during the day. At night, he leads business community pressure on New Orleans District Attorney to reform police operations. Additionally, as founder and CEO of the New Orleans Police Foundation, Casbon advocates for law enforcement systems that make bad guys afraid to walk the streets at night.

Casbon’s family in Meldreth suffered a great social decline during the 19th century due to enclosure laws and the Industrial Revolution, which drove labourers from rural areas into city jobs. As a result, there was an ever decreasing number of children who could support their families financially.

Professional Career

John Casbon has extensive business experience as the president and CEO of several companies, most recently First American Title Insurance Company in New Orleans, Louisiana – part of The First American Corporation family (NYSE: FAF).

He has served on the boards of The American Land Title Association, The New Orleans Police Foundation, LSU Department of Psychiatry Advisory Board, Louisiana Trooper Foundation, Business Council of New Orleans and River Region, New Orleans/River Region Chamber of Commerce, The New Orleans Advocate newspaper and Anti-Defamation League.

Casbon has spent his career working for some of the most renowned organizations worldwide. Through these experiences, he has been able to observe different styles of leadership in action and apply those lessons to his own work.

Achievements and Honors

John Casbon is an accomplished business executive and the former CEO of five different companies. Currently, he serves on the board of directors at First Horizon Corp.

He serves on the boards of Louisiana World Presidents’ Organization, American Land Title Association and New Orleans Police Foundation. In the mid-’90s he founded this nonprofit organization to advocate for reform of the city’s criminal justice system.

His ideas are driving positive changes at the NOPD as they grapple with unprecedented difficulties. On Wednesday evening at 5 p.m., he will host a public meeting in the Garden District at 1780 Prytania Street to share his vision and encourage neighbors to get involved and help the NOPD make significant strides toward meaningful reform. Come hear what he has to say; join in the action!

Personal Life

John Casbon is a business executive who founded the New Orleans Police Foundation in the mid-90s to advocate for police reform. He has served on numerous boards and volunteers with the LSU Department of Psychiatry as well.

Casbon has been a part of First American Title Insurance Company in New Orleans for more than three decades, serving on its board as a businessman.

He has two daughters and two sons, as well as many nieces and nephews.

Net Worth

John Casbon has an estimated net worth of $607 Thousand. His holdings in First Horizon stock amount to 3,125 units valued at $313,307 and over 15 years he has sold FHN shares for a total value of $293,643.

Casbon runs a title insurance company that registers multimillion-dollar airplanes and vessels by day. At night, he plays harmonica in dark barrooms while chasing after his dream of creating an effective criminal justice system to keep bad guys away from New Orleans. A former police detective, Casbon also founded the New Orleans Police Foundation and parades with Krewe of Hermes or skis in Aspen, Colo. As an Independent Director at First Horizon, he earns $0; this information was obtained from Form 4 filed with the SEC in 2011.

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