John Cullina

John Cullina

John Cullina was a very special man to all those who knew him. He was very devoted to his family and enjoyed many trips to the Civil War battle fields.

He was very active in the Glastonbury and Hartford community and served on various boards. He is survived by his wife Maryann Simpson Cullina, son Kevin and fiancee Elaine of Burbank, CA and daughter Kelly and husband William Ullman of East Haven.

Early Life and Education

john cullina was born in Hartford, Connecticut, on March 26, 1925. He is the son of Helen and Patrick, and is one of five siblings. He has an undergraduate degree from Yale University and a graduate degree from Harvard Business School. He has held a variety of executive roles in public, private and nonprofit sectors including as vice president of the Yale Club of New York City and emeritus professor of entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School. john cullina has amassed a net worth of $120 million. He is a proud member of the Yale alumni association and serves on several committees. john cullina is a well-rounded man who possesses a wide range of talents from his humble beginnings in the arts to his present role as CEO and CFO.

Professional Career

Cullina has a long professional career, working in the field of communications law and regulatory and administrative law. He has litigated matters in federal and state courts.

He has also led several Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) appeals. He also serves as an officer in the Lawyers Collaborative for Diversity.

In January of 2018, he was appointed Chairman of US Club Soccer’s Board of Directors. He is also Executive Director of Prince William Soccer and Virginia Development Academy.

In July of 2019, he became Executive Director of the Morris Arboretum, a Victorian 92-acre landscaped public garden on what was an old estate in suburban Philadelphia. He has developed a visionary 20-year master plan for the Arboretum and will lead it into its next century of educational outreach.

Achievements and Honors

john cullina has achieved some impressive accolades in his lifetime. He has been awarded several awards and citations including the Scott Prize for Lifetime Achievement in Horticulture, the Scott Prize for Most Excellent Public Garden, and the National Garden Club of America’s Award of Merit. He has also been named as one of Time magazine’s most influential people in horticulture.

As a seasoned horticulture guru, he has been responsible for establishing a number of world class gardens and research centers. He has also served as executive director of the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden in Wiscasset, Maine for six years. His achievements have been largely the result of the dedication and commitment of his staff, board and donors. He is now stepping into his new role as executive director of Morris Arboretum in Woodstock, New York.

Personal Life

John Cullina is a renowned actor who has appeared in many notable films and television series. He is best known for playing tavern owner Holling Vincoeur in Northern Exposure, as Mark Greene’s father on ER and as constitutional lawyer and later judge Barry Moredock on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

He is also a talented musician. He plays the guitar and sings both traditional Irish songs as well as contemporary rock and roll.

He is a proud native of Ireland. His grandfather, Michael Cullina emigrated from Irishtown around 1900 and settled in Hartford, Connecticut. He was a trolley conductor but later developed carpentry skills and built houses for his family.

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