John Delarue

John Delarue

John Delarue is a French television presenter and producer. He has hosted numerous televised discussion programmes, for which he has earned multiple awards.

He was born in 1964 and passed away in 2012 from cancer of the stomach and peritoneum. His biography provides information about his personal life, education background, and professional career.

Early Life and Education

John Delarue was born in June 1964 and passed away from cancer on August 23, 2012. He was a French television presenter and producer.

He began his career as a producer and reporter for Canal+, producing report segments for Zone interdite on M6 and Des racines et des ailes on France 2.

In 1999, Delarue joined Reservoir Prod and launched the television talk show C’est mon choix (It’s my choice) on France 3.

The program was a hit and he continued producing shows. Additionally, he established two other subsidiaries of Reservoir Prod: Reservoir Net for audiovisual content creation; and Reservoir Sport for sports programming. As one of France’s highest paid presenter-producers with a monthly income of EUR40,000 and assets totalling 30 million euros, his success led him to establish two other companies called Reservoir Prod and Reservoir Sport respectively.

Professional Career

John Delarue’s professional career spanned more than a decade and included several significant milestones. One was the establishment of Spain’s first mobile blood transfusion unit during civil wartime; another was his coordination of medical services in China during Sino-Japanese conflicttime.

La Rue’s contributions to musical history are numerous, yet his innovations are not always appreciated today. Particularly noteworthy are his use of written accidentals within a context and the capacity for consistently extending ranges outside the gamut – the first time this had ever been done before by human hands. With this method he created not only technically impressive music, but also highly entertaining entertainment; additionally he was the first composer to employ hologram technology.

Achievements and Honors

John delarue was a renowned figure in the scientific community for his contributions to astronomy and optics. He achieved many remarkable things, such as developing photo obscura – an innovative wet-plate microscopy technique still employed today by some select astronomers. Additionally, his work earned him numerous accolades such as the gold medal of science in 1862 and Lalande prize in 1866.

He was a proud father of three, including Isabelle Delarue – born January 21st 2003 in St. Louis, Missouri with a degree in medicine and registration as a nurse. A proud mother and active participant in her church community, Isabelle enjoyed life to the fullest.

Personal Life

John Delarue lived with his parents, both unvaccinated, in a duplex. His sister Lynn Delarue, who was legally blind, attended the center for deaf-blind people in West Allis, Wisconsin.

In December, the Delarue family was devastated by COVID-19. All of them passed away within weeks, leaving John as the sole survivor.

John Delarue recounts the deep bond he and his sister Lynn had developed over the years, yet he wasn’t sure if they could stay healthy during this virus outbreak. He described them as being “always together in each other’s lives” with no history of disagreement or conflict between them.

Net Worth

Jean-Luc Delarue is a renowned French television presenter and producer with an estimated net worth of $5 Million. He ranks as one of the most popular Television Presenters as well as being an accomplished actor and singer.

Delarue began his professional career in 1986 as an advertising copywriter and later moved onto television presenting for Canal+ in 1988. Jour apres jour (Day after day) is one of his programmes on France 2, dealing with social issues which premiered on France 2. Additionally, in 2007, he produced several other programmes for Reservoir Group including Le Cancer sort de l’ombre and Alzheimer, un nouveau regard. Following media reports of Delarue’s cocaine addiction in September 2010, Sophie Davant took over presenting Toute une histoire while Delarue established a foundation to combat all types of addiction/dependences in 2008.

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