John Eurich

Radiologist – John Eurich

John Eurich is a radiologist who practices in Lees Summit, MO. He is affiliated with Lee’s Summit Medical Center and accepts multiple insurance plans.

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Early Life and Education

John Erich was born in Bay City, Michigan and received his education at North Central College and the University of Maine. Afterwards he became a professor at the University of Minnesota before serving as the first president of State University of New York.

Eurich was renowned for his many accomplishments, including serving as executive director of the Ford Foundation and founding the Academy for Educational Development. Additionally, he held the presidency of Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies.

He has been a coach for more than three decades, serving as head high school girls basketball coach at Holyoke Junior/Senior High School and remaining active within the coaching community.

Professional Career

Tasha Eurich is an organizational psychologist, researcher and New York Times best-selling author. She’s gained a reputation as a cutting-edge voice in business by combining her scientific understanding of human behavior with practical advice on professional development.

She has assisted thousands of leaders, from public company CEOs to early stage entrepreneurs, in increasing their self-awareness and success. Her work has been featured in Harvard Business Review, NPR and The Wall Street Journal.

Eurich is the principal of The Eurich Group, an executive development firm that helps companies improve their operations through improved leadership and team effectiveness. She’s also a New York Times bestselling author of Insight and Bankable Leadership, both of which explore how self-awareness can lead to professional success.

Achievements and Honors

Tasha Eurich is an organizational psychologist, researcher and New York Times bestselling author with the mission of helping people reach their highest potentials. Through The Eurich Group – a boutique executive development firm that works with clients such as T-Mobile, Salesforce, Walmart and the White House Leadership Development Program – she applies her expertise to coach C-level executives and enhance leadership effectiveness for their teams and organizations.

She is also the president of The Eurich Institute, a global network of community builders dedicated to inspiring global trust through human-centered leadership and creating better businesses, institutions, and communities. Through her work with tens of thousands of leaders around the world – except Antarctica – she has had an impact on many lives.

Personal Life

Tasha Eurich is an organizational psychologist and best-selling author who has guided thousands of individuals towards self-awareness so they can reach their full potential. Combining her scientific understanding of human behavior with practical advice on professional development, Tasha provides a fresh take on business leadership that resonates with today’s business landscape.

Tasha Eurich is the founder of The Eurich Group, a consultancy that assists companies across industries with improving their leaders’ and teams’ performance. She has authored several books including Bankable Leadership which debuted at #8 on the New York Times best-seller list, as well as INSIGHT which Success Magazine praised as an “energizing take on self-improvement”.

Tasha is also the co-captain of MS150 Eurich Group’s Ride for Richie cycling team in memory of her stepdad who passed away from EDS. Additionally, she’s an active member in both Colorado Multiple Sclerosis Society and Ehlers Danlos Society organizations.

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