John Evilsizor

John Evilsizor

John Evilsizor is an accomplished wood carver and carpenter who enjoys music, gardening and fishing. He belongs to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.

He has a daughter who is studying international relations and Oxbridge: Institutions and Policy at William Jewell College; she recently won the Faculty Award.

Early Life and Education

Early years are crucial for children’s development. This is especially true in regards to learning, brain growth, social interaction and physical well-being.

Early childhood education has evolved over time into one of society’s most significant fields. Those working in this area often have a major role to play in shaping the lives of their communities and children.

According to the Center on the Developing Child, children’s emotional, social and physical development between birth and three has a tremendous effect on their lifelong success. That is why investing in education during this period is so important. Furthermore, the United Nations has set forth several goals for sustainable development which include supporting and providing early childhood education for all children.

Achievements and Honors

At 9:08 p.m. Wednesday, January 2, 2002, Claude W Evilsizor of 7841 Old Troy Pike in St. Paris, Ohio passed away peacefully surrounded by his family. For over 70 years a resident of Champaign County, Claude was also the proud owner of an award-winning casket company which he operated for more than 30 years.

He is survived by his wife Mary L o Smith of St. Paris; several children and grandchildren; as well as many accomplishments including high-quality engraving caskets and cremation services, memorials such as headstones, monuments, urns, plus a complete line of fine products like cremation urns and keepsakes; furthermore he holds memberships in the Fraternal Order of Eagles, American Legion and other organizations.

Personal Life

John was an easygoing, fun loving, and highly considerate individual. A member of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, John loved Jesus Christ more than anything else in this world. In his free time he enjoyed fishing, gardening, cooking – plus his talent as a wood carver and carpenter.

Keri, a former partner of Joseph Sweeney, sought to have her daughter’s last name changed from Sweeney to Evilsizor-Sweeney under Code of Civil Procedure section 1277 and for the minor child’s birth certificate modified with the hyphenated name. Joseph objected and the trial court ruled against her request; awarding attorney fees while upholding its July 25, 2014 order denial of changing the minor’s surname on appeal. On further review by the appellate court, however, the appellate court reversed this ruling and the case remains open.

Net Worth

He was a member of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra, Sutmiller Hou se Band, Kiwanis Club and Hal Harris Orchestra; additionally he served as union member for Chi cago and Springfield Musicians’ Club. Survived by his wife Mary Lou; daughters William George (Loretta) Evilsizor, Crystal Ann (Robert) Smith and David Emanuel(Eloise) Evilsizor and Patricia Lynn(John) Miller; step-children Rodney(Patricia) Smith Cynthia Miller and Bruce Miller; 13 grandchildren; 8 great-grandchildren; 5 stepgrandchildren; 1 great grandson; plus an old friend Mabel Hayden from Mutual Ohio.

On January 2, 2002 at 7841 Old Troy Pike in St. Paris, Ohio at the age of 71, Claude Evilsizor Sr. passed away peacefully at his parents’ home.

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