John Gerhard

John Gerhard

During a time when the Lutheran Church was in need of discipline and an orthodox leader, God provided through the life of john gerhard. His steadfast devotion to biblical teaching and careful theological analysis helped ensure that the Church remained on the right track.

Theologians such as Gerhard believed that humans possessed a finite and derivative knowledge of divine truth, which was communicated to them through the media of nature and Scripture (i.e., ectypal theology). However, the infinite and eternal self-knowledge of God is a different kind of knowledge.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

One of the most iconic artists in modern history, Gerhard Richter’s oeuvre spans a half-century. From meticulously rendered photo paintings to bold abstracts, Richter’s oeuvre reflects his ongoing investigation into painting as a medium and its possibilities.

After graduating from the Dresden Academy, Gerhard moved to Dusseldorf where he met his wife Ema and became friends with Sigmar Polke, Blinky Palermo and Konrad Fischer (formerly Konrad Lueg). He studied academically marked by Socialist Realism, but began to feel uncomfortable with these restrictions.

In 1966, Richter began to experiment with geometric abstraction. He painted Colour Charts, copies of paint sample cards that paved the way for his future abstract works. He also introduced colour to his oeuvre with two sculptural pieces using glass, which was something new for him at the time.

Achievements and Honors

Gerhard was a highly respected researcher who made many contributions to the field of kidney physiology. He was also a passionate mentor who helped to train many young investigators and foster their careers as nephrologists.

He was known for his humility, integrity, courtesy, kindness, decency, and generosity. He was very much a people person and cared deeply for his family, friends, and colleagues both in his professional and personal lives.

He was a member of SEG since 1976 and served on the Honors and Awards Committee. In addition to the research honors listed below, he was a recipient of the SEG Medal for Outstanding Research.

Personal Life

John gerhard was born in Germany and has been living and working in that country since his childhood. He has influenced a generation of German artists with his work.

In his artistic endeavors, he uses both photorealistic and abstract methods to create his art. He also explores other mediums like glass sculpture and photographs.

His most famous works include a collection of hymns, Meditationes Sacrae (Sacred Meditations). He was also superintendent of twenty-six parishes in the Duchy of Coburg.

He is considered the third pillar of the Lutheran tradition after Martin Luther and Martin Chemnitz. His extensive body of written works includes devotional literature, biblical commentaries, apologetics, and dogmatic theology. His nine-volume Loci Theologici is the most influential and widely read dogmatic treatise of that period of time.

Net Worth

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