John Gierach

John Gierach

John Gierach is an author who specializes in writing about fly fishing adventures. He can tell tales about landing a giant brook trout or pulling something up from the depths of a percolating pool, but what truly sets him apart is his ability to capture the essence of each day spent on the water and its significance from a greater perspective.

Early Life and Education

Over the centuries, educational advancements and innovations have continuously altered how young children learn. This has been especially true in early childhood education.

Scholars across fields such as philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology and education have long been drawn to study children’s minds and behaviors. This has fostered an interdisciplinary atmosphere within this field which has informed its approach and curriculum (Morgan, 1999).

Early years are critical for children’s development and their education has a lasting effect on them. Philosophers such as John Amos Comenius, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Friedrich Froebel and Maria Montessori contributed to revolutionizing child education during the Enlightenment. These pioneers laid the groundwork for many current educational practices that continue to shape today’s educational practices.

Professional Career

John has over 25 years of expertise in the large market executive benefits industry. His areas of specialty include nonqualified benefit plan design and administration, plan funding, benefit security, change of control issues and merger-related matters.

He has extensive expertise working with high-level executives across a range of industries, such as financial services, manufacturing, high tech, healthcare and utilities. His clients include many Fortune 1000 companies.

He has a passion for helping others and believes strongly in community service. He has served on the Board of Smithsburg Ambulance Company, as a Boy Scout volunteer, and as an active member in his local church.

Achievements and Honors

John’s accomplishments and honors showcase his unstinting commitment to improving people’s lives. He worked to put an end to the Vietnam war, advocated for social equality for women and people of color, and made Detroit a better place.

He was an accomplished engineer, authoring numerous technical papers and patents. In his free moments he enjoyed photography and researching US military history with passion.

He earned a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Princeton and an MBA from Harvard, before working for Russell, Burdsall and Ward until 1992. Additionally, he served as trustee for the Toledo Symphony Orchestra.

Personal Life

John was a man of deep faith, generous spirit, and deep family values. He was married to Traci for 29 years and they have one daughter Dana who will graduate college in December 2021.

He was an accomplished scratch handicap golfer and loved taking his family on vacations to the beaches and Disney. Throughout his last illness, it was his love for family, friends, and faith which kept him going strong!

He began his career in the insurance industry and ultimately co-founded First Insurance Solutions. In June of 2019, he launched Retirement Income Group – a wealth management business providing retirement planning to families and businesses alike. Furthermore, he holds the Chartered Investment Manager(r) designation from Financial Planners Canada.

Net Worth

John Gisler is an American businessman, investor, and television personality best known as the founder and CEO of FUBU.

He also appears on the hit reality show ‘Shark Tank’ as an investor, which has significantly increased his net worth.

Current estimates place his net worth around $350 million.

He boasts an impressive amount of wealth and is one of the world’s most successful celebrities. His success can be attributed to hard work and determination; he derives income from multiple sources, with profits growing daily.

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