John Heppolette

John Heppolette – One of the First Asians to Play Professional Football

Indian-born John Heppolette is one of the first Asians to play professional football and he hopes more youngsters follow in his footsteps. He previously played for Leyton Orient and North End, and is an active member in Peterborough United’s fan club.

The 72-year-old credits his parents as pivotal in his path to success, noting that they provided him with invaluable advice and inspiration throughout his time playing for Leyton Orient. He also draws inspiration from the racism he encountered while representing England on the football pitch.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Heppolette was one of the first Asians to break through in England and spent much of his playing career with Preston North End and Leyton Orient. He also played for Crystal Palace, Chesterfield and Peterborough United while representing Hong Kong club Eastern AA.

Heppolette recently spoke to the media about his lifelong journey and how his parents brought him to England. While proud of his accomplishments, he acknowledged that there is still much work left for him to do. Nonetheless, the trailblazer has an impressive collection of memorabilia from his time playing for Manchester United, plus he still hangs around a bit in Peterborough. He takes great joy in making a decent living and recently discovered a passion for science at the Science museum in London – something which remains his latest obsession!

Achievements and Honors

Heppolette enjoyed an illustrious career at Leyton Orient, playing over 100 times for the club he has loyally served for four decades. Additionally, he served as scout for Preston. Of all his honors, none quite compare to being inducted into the English Premier League’s Hall of Fame for his outstanding and untiring service to the club.

Heppolette has an impressive list of achievements to his name, but football has always been his passion. This passion has led him to collect a vast amount of memorabilia – including some iconic football shirts from around the world. Aside from his athletic prowess, Heppolette also supports arts and sciences through philanthropy while building an thriving business empire in the process. Furthermore, he’s proud father to two daughters – Rebeccah and Laurel.

Personal Life

John Heppolette has lived most of his adult life in the UK. A proud Lancastrian, he has an intense passion for football and has collected enough memorabilia to fill a warehouse. Additionally, John has an intense interest in education.

Heppolette is proud father to twins Rebeccah and Laurel Heppolette, who both excel as swimmers; Rebeccah winning the New York City Olympic Trials in 2007 while Laurel finishing second at St. Anthony’s Duathlon 2008. Both girls excelled in athletics throughout their childhood years;

They have a long-standing partnership in training. In 2009, Heppolette and Moultrie won the Desert Classic Duathlon with second places in both swim and bike events; additionally, they claimed victory at Playas ITU Pan American Cup 2010. Heppolette is also part of USA Swimming National Team who competes in triathlon events.

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