John Herkenhoff

John Herkenhoff – Marriage & Family Therapist in OAKLAND, CA

John Herkenhoff is an esteemed Marriage & Family Therapist in OAKLAND, CA who upholds the values of communication, safety and trust.

John Herkenhoff’s expertise and unwavering commitment to his field have cemented him as a leader in the industry. Discover more about this esteemed specialist today by accessing contact information, photos, original documents, and more.

Early Life and Education

John Herkenhoff was an inquisitive learner, earning both his Bachelor of Secondary Education from the University of Minnesota in 1964 and Master’s degree in American history from Columbia University. For over 30 years he taught history classes at Como Park High School; additionally, he served as community driver’s education instructor and was involved in local religious and civic affairs.

He was an upstanding advocate for his children, providing financial support through extracurricular activities like volunteering at Como Park Junior High and aiding them in navigating higher education institutions. Never shying away from an opinion, his daughter remembered, he was always honest about his thoughts. When not at work or home, he enjoyed gardening passionately and being a dedicated family man.

Professional Career

John Sherwood earned his PhD in 1958 and began working as a geophysicist for Chevron. His research interests included analog modeling and robust static solutions, minimum wave propagation theory, spectrum balancing (dereverberation), early digital migration and time migration.

Sherwood co-founded GDC in 1981 and has remained a pioneer of seismic imaging ever since, developing SOLID (reflectivity modeling), improved velocity analyses, migration models, statics calculations and near-surface 2D tomography. His dedication and professionalism contributed to GDC’s meteoric rise as an industry leader.

He made significant contributions to SEG, earning the Virgil Kauffman Gold Medal in 1986 for his work on DMO and earning Honorary Membership the following year in 1993. Additionally, he served as Associate Editor for Geophphysics and mentor to many PhD students; ultimately winning the Maurice Ewing Medal in 2008.

Personal Life

Herkenhoff was an ardent Catholic, attending daily Mass and praying the rosary. Additionally, he had a kind heart; he often helped out friends who needed financial support.

He loved his family and treasured every moment of their lives together. Throughout his wife’s long battle with Alzheimer’s disease, he made it a point to visit her daily and bring her Holy Communion.

His daughter said John Herkenhoff spent his career in education, first as a high school teacher and later as supervisor of community education. His concern for moral development of kids led to him advocating abstinence for them, she said. Additionally, John volunteered with various community projects and organized fund-raisers; many will miss him dearly. Please share your memories of John on his website, facebook page or in the comments below.

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