John Kist

John Kist – A Portrait of a Caring Man

John Kist was an inspirational extrovert who showed his kindness to many throughout his life. From running a group home to teaching at JPCatholic, it is clear that John took great pleasure in helping those less fortunate.

As a former social worker, he was able to empathize with students from difficult backgrounds. Through his kindness and generosity, many young children found safety and comfort.

Early Life and Education

John was raised in a large family and became an exemplary Catholic boy. He attended St. Rose of Lima elementary school, Bishop Tolentine High School and Manhattan College for his education.

He had an infectious sense of humor and loved to laugh. A true extrovert, he showed deep compassion towards those in need; often offering assistance himself.

He began as a social worker and eventually married fellow social worker Maureen Rafferty. They worked at a group home for boys, showing kindness and empathy to countless others throughout their lives.

Professional Career

John Kist has been an entrepreneur for most of his life, founding multiple businesses along the way. However, it was his launch of Gold Kist that made him famous – a poultry processing company known for producing premium meats at competitive prices.

He is also an accomplished darts player who qualified for the BDO World Championship and defeated Dutch colleague Jan Dekker in the final.

He enjoys spending time with his family and playing pool. He also likes hiking and going camping for fun. After graduating Seton LaSalle High School in 2015, he attended Penn State University to study computer engineering before moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting and writing opportunities.

Achievements and Honors

When the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake of 2010 hit Haiti, leveling Port au Prince and leaving 280,000 dead and millions homeless, John Kist felt compelled to do his part. Since then, he has returned multiple times to provide medical care as well as help build the hospital and healthcare infrastructure there.

John Kist has earned numerous accolades for his contributions to science and technology. Additionally, the Gaylord Coan Leadership Endowment at the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences was established in his honor.

Personal Life

John was a kind and compassionate individual who truly wanted to help those in need. His strong work ethic allowed him to put in long hours at his job, yet it also brought him great joy when helping people.

He worked as a social worker and ran a group home for troubled boys, where his compassion and kindness made the boys feel safe within their environment.

He spent many years in the United States with his partner Maureen Rafferty, a fellow social worker. They were together for many years and raised a family with two children. A deeply loving couple, they made many wonderful friends along the way that will be deeply missed by all who knew them.

Net Worth

John Kist was a well-known extrovert who could easily connect with others and express compassion. As a social worker, he ran a group home for young boys.

He was an enthusiastic golfer and fan of jazz music. A jokester and planner, he had a lighthearted spirit that cared deeply about others.

Gold Kist’s sales skyrocketed during the 1970s, reaching a peak of $463 million in 1972 and then doubling again over five years.

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