John Klimchak

John Klimchak, CFP, MBA

John Klimchak, CFP, MBA is a group Healthcare Benefits Consultant that specializes in cutting medical costs while guaranteeing ACA adherence for his clients. He works with an experienced team that can comprehend the client’s business objectives and provide them with personalized yet efficient service delivery.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Klimchak has been a financial advisor for 32 years and is currently employed with Cetera Advisor Networks LLC in Melville, New York. He holds Series 63 and Series 66 licenses, which enable him to advise clients throughout New York state.

He has previously worked for C B Planning and Tower Square Securities Inc. Additionally, he is registered to provide investment advice in other states under an applicable exemption from registration or notice filing requirements.

Joe Klimchak is a youth speaker who offers hope to those who have given up on their dreams or stopped dreaming altogether. Through his inspiring personal story of becoming an announcer at Major League Baseball Ballpark, Klimchak uses his unique perspective as an ordinary kid with a speech impairment to motivate young people.

Achievements and Honors

John Klimchak earned a variety of distinctions during his career. He served as President of the local energy engineers organization and received an energy management certificate from IAEE. Furthermore, he performed as musician and docent at Louisville Zoo.

He was honored with CoSIDA Academic All-District recognition this year and also for his commitment to serving the community.

Rutgers redshirt sophomore attacker Scott Klimchak and freshman midfielder Blake Burkhart have been recognized for making the BIG EAST Weekly Honor Roll this week, as announced by the conference office on Monday.

Personal Life

John Klimchak is a financial advisor employed by Cetera Advisor Networks LLC in Melville, New York and has 32 years of experience in the industry.

His personal life is private, but he does have a spouse. Although she remains unknown to the public eye, she is believed to be over 50 years old.

As a child, he attended his first Pirates game and fell in love at first sight, smell, and sound; by the time he was seven years old, he had found his happy place.

He didn’t aspiration of becoming the next Pops, Cobra or Scrap Iron like many of his friends; rather, this Aliquippa boy wanted to become the distributor for his beloved Buccos. This dream came true in 1994 when he won an interview to become a party public speaker; two years later in 2005 he was selected as game host at PNC Park.

Net Worth

John Klimchak is a well-known in-game host for the Pittsburgh Pirates, known for his emceeing skills and mastery of public speaking.

Growing up, he was fascinated by TV telecasters and had a childhood dream of becoming one himself. That ambition came true in 2005 when he joined the Pittsburgh Pirates as their broadcaster.

He also enjoyed many other interests during his youth, such as competing in the pierogi race at PNC Park and pressing the button to release smoke when the Pirates hit a home run. These experiences taught him discipline and focus – both essential qualities for anyone pursuing a career in public speaking.

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