John Klucky

John Klucky

John Klucky is an American hunter, television host and filmmaker renowned for his deer, bear and moose hunting videos.

John’s passion for hunting drives him to pursue it with all of his heart. He enjoys hunting with bow, muzzleloader and rifle alike – no hobby is off-limits to this avid outdoorsman!

Early Life and Education

John was raised in a small Pennsylvania town with an inquisitive mind that developed at an early age. He applied this curiosity to learning in the classroom and created strong bonds with his classmates.

As a teenager, he began working at a local restaurant and developed an interest in business. Later, he went on to study economics and politics at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Throughout his time at the university, he had the chance to interact with many professors and learn from their experiences. This exposure helped him develop a variety of skills and abilities which would be essential in his professional career.

Achievements and Honors

John Klucky is an accomplished hunter. Not only does he carry a rifle, but he also enjoys some beers with friends in the woods. It’s no surprise that John has scored the largest deer buck ever recorded at Bow, N.H. with its deer population of less than 40,000 and over 900 square miles of unspoiled natural beauty. On top of all that, John also likes to play tricks – often times using subtlety and class while getting things done.

Personal Life

John was an avid hunter. He had been deer hunting since he was a boy, and also enjoyed bow, rifle and muzzleloader hunting.

He has made numerous video clips about hunting, such as deer and moose hunting. Additionally, he has served as a hunt guide in several states.

His father once told him, “if you want to be a great hunter, you need to get out of bed.” This advice has guided him throughout his career as an expert hunting guide for over three decades. His enthusiasm is evident in the numerous videos he produces – often featuring big game hunters like Pennsylvanian Gene Demler or exploring some of America’s wildest places with people and landscape in focus.

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