John Lindeman

John Lindeman

john lindeman is widely respected as one of Australia’s leading property market analysts, authors and commentators. He has well over fifteen years’ experience researching the nature and dynamics of the housing market.

He has written several landmark books for property investors, including Mastering the Australian Housing Market and Unlocking the Property Market. He has also authored numerous articles on real estate and property investing for many publications.

Early Life and Education

John Lindeman’s early life was shaped by hard times and difficult situations. He grew up in Holland during the Nazi occupation.

He survived the rigors of war and came to the United States at age 22 with his two brothers. He began working in the shipyards and factories in Detroit, Michigan.

At the same time he began his education at Michigan Agricultural College (later Michigan State University). The Progressive movement that emerged in response to the industrialization, technological advances, immigration and cultural changes had a major impact on Lindeman’s thinking.

He developed a vision of adult education that was not bound by classrooms and formal curricula. It involved a concern for the educational possibilities of everyday life; non-vocational ideals; situations not subjects; and people’s experience.

Professional Career

Lindeman’s professional career spanned a total of more than three decades. He served as a social worker, educator, and philosopher in various fields.

In his first position, he was a professor of social philosophy at the New York School of Social Work. He taught courses in community organization, social ethics, and labor economy.

He was also a visiting professor at the Delhi School of Social Work.

As a social worker, Lindeman worked with children and adults in community settings and in the YMCA. He wrote over 200 articles and book reviews, edited several books, and gave lectures on a variety of topics. He served on numerous commissions and was an advisor to Mentor Books.

Achievements and Honors

John Lindeman has been a successful leader in many areas of his career. He has served as a senior scientist at the Department of Energy’s LLNL and is currently a professor in the physics department.

He has worked on a variety of projects at the Laboratory, including the Large Optics Diamond Turning Machine, electroless nickel and silicon machining, and optics polishing for EUV lasers. He also led industrial projects to improve the determinism of polishing aspheric lithographic optics and to commercialize CNC grinding of optics.

He has received numerous honors and recognitions throughout his career. He is an active member of ASPE and has co-chaired several ASPE Topical Meetings. He has six patents and has presented technical papers.

Personal Life

A social worker turned philosopher, john lindeman’s career defied categorization. Initially a’sub-freshman’ program (what we now call an ‘access course’) at Michigan Agricultural College, his interests grew and he became involved with the YMCA and a writing society.

His research into adult education was influenced by a mix of Emersonian sentiment, romanticism, Jeffersonian agrarianism and pragmatism. These underpinnings were largely drawn from the thought of John Dewey.

In 1842, he bought 816 acres of land on the Paterson River near Gresford. He built a slab cottage for his family and established a vineyard called Cawarra. He planted Riesling, Verdelho, Semillon, black Pinot and Hermitage or Shiraz. The property also had a winery and cellars which were destroyed in a fire. His sons Charles Frederick and Arthur Henry Lindeman took over the running of the business and remained at Cawarra until their deaths.

Net Worth

john lindeman has an estimated net worth of $537 Thousand dollars. His largest investment is his stock portfolio which he has held for over 8 years. Currently, he owns about 2,500 units of Hydrofarm Holdings Group Inc (HYFM) which is valued at $30,360.

He also owns a total of 13,800 shares of Calavo Growers Inc which is valued at $451,536. He is the CFO & Corporationrationrate Secretary of Calavo and has been in the company since August 2015. His other investments are in Utz Brands Inc which is valued at $93,632. During the last 3 months, he has sold 0 shares of Utz Brands which is a net sale of 0 shares. He has been a director of the company since 2020. His salary is $152,534 which is a total base salary.

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