John Loveland

John Loveland Joins CIP Bloomington

John is the Clinical Director of Loveland Academy, Hawaii’s oldest and largest private day treatment center for autism. Additionally, he holds a degree in English education, serves as coach at a high school level, and is an experienced service dog trainer.

He also has an appreciation for art. His impressive collection of paintings will be on display at the Loveland Museum from November 26 through February 12.

Early Life and Education

John Loveland’s early life was marked by a variety of activities and interests. He was an active member of his church and an enthusiastic golfer.

He enjoyed reading and traveling to new places. Additionally, he was involved with several community organizations and an enthusiastic supporter of several charities.

One of his former positions was assistant principal at St. John’s parish and school in downtown Loveland, serving until the school relocated to its present location on West 12th Street.

He was an incredible leader and asset to the community, renowned for his honesty and integrity. Additionally, he worked diligently to guarantee all students had a well-rounded education with a deep sense of responsibility towards themselves, their family members, and the larger community.

Professional Career

John enjoys helping students discover career paths that match their interests, values and abilities. As part of the CIP Bloomington team, he brings with him an impressive amount of expertise that he is eager to put to use in serving his community.

John has been active in the technology sector for two decades, holding various executive and entrepreneurial roles. Currently, he serves as President of Arete, a global cyber security firm which offers incident response, digital forensics, malware reverse engineering and remediation services to its clients.

Achievements and Honors

Loveland was the founder, president and chief executive officer of Earth Community Research Corporation. Additionally, he established the New Earth Foundation and Church of the Father – a nonprofit organization for spiritual growth.

John has extensive experience outside the New Earth Foundation. In addition to his work there, he has written several books and presented many articles and presentations. In 2006 he earned the Harry Caudill Award for Journalism and was nominated for Best Non-Fiction at the Library of Virginia Awards.

On April 17th, the Honors Program honored several students at its annual celebration of undergraduate research and creativity. Hundreds of student presentations were featured at this event, with two top overall research posters being submitted by Honors students Sarah Johns and Jordanne Lesher.

Personal Life

John Loveland had a diverse range of interests throughout his life. From his Harvard studies of philosophy to the profound spiritual experiences he encountered while working at the Gurdjeff Foundation in New York, John always sought the divine.

In addition to his professional endeavors, he was heavily involved in community affairs. A generous philanthropist, he donated land for several schools, six churches and a fire hall in Golden, Colorado.

He was an avid reader and sports enthusiast. He also loved spending time with family and friends. Currently serving as a city council member in Loveland, Colorado, he serves on the Law & Ordinance Committee and Charter Review Commission. When not working or reading, he enjoys woodworking projects and watching movies.

Net Worth

Loveland is one of Colorado’s wealthiest people and his net worth has increased by nearly $5 billion, as reported by Forbes. From March 18 to July 22, his fortune rose from $1.7 billion to $2 billion despite tough economic conditions such as 10% unemployment, numerous small business closures and a severe state budget crisis. Other billionaires in Colorado such as DISH Network founder Charlie Ergen, media mogul John Malone and medical technology heir Pat Stryker all saw their fortunes increase this year; however their respective spokesman did not return requests for comment on Thursday.

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