John Lurvey

John Lurvey

John Lurvey is a personal injury attorney with extensive expertise. He holds the distinction of being named to Super Lawyers, making him one of few lawyers to achieve this distinction.

John was shaped as a young man by his first mentor, lawyer John Putnam. Additionally, he was greatly inspired by James Otis Jr., who advocated in the Massachusetts Superior Court about Writs of Assistance that granted colonists freedom from British law.

Early Life and Education

John Lurvey was born in Massachusetts to William and Ruth Lurvey.

He attended a local school and demonstrated an aptitude for reading. His father, who was an attorney and active in his community, also had an impact on him; both men were highly intelligent individuals with great potential.

As a young man, he began writing anonymous essays against British laws. He believed that the British government should not be able to grant local customs officials search warrants that did not expire so they could charge colonists more taxes and duties.

He then went on to earn both his undergraduate degree and Juris Doctorate from the University of Florida, while also interning in the Florida Governor’s Office. Following that, he joined Conroy Simberg’s Hollywood office in 1991.

Professional Career

John is an experienced lawyer in the Conroy Simberg Hollywood office. His practice encompasses a broad range of litigation matters such as personal injury, premises liability, insurance defense and bad faith claims.

He is a frequent contributor to the firm’s blog and has received many accolades for his work. Additionally, he frequently speaks at industry and law school conferences.

He is a graduate of the University of Florida and holds a Juris Doctorate. As an active member of the bar in Florida, he has been listed in Florida Super Lawyers for several years. Super Lawyers Magazine named him one of the Top 100 Florida Attorneys and named him a Rising Star as well. What truly sets this attorney apart is his dedication to excellence both within his practice and with clients.

Achievements and Honors

John Lurvey stands out among law firms and attorneys by virtue of not only being a well-known name in the legal community but also an ardent philanthropist who loves to donate his time and resources to charitable causes.

Lurvey has achieved a remarkable feat: creating an effective employee stock ownership scheme. This enabled him to cultivate a happier, more productive workforce.

Lurvey assembled an impressive team of professionals, from legal assistants to IT technicians, which enabled him to build a business that quickly rose among Springfield’s top 50 employers and garner numerous awards and honors within the community. Notable among these were 2008 recognition as SBJ Best Place To Work and recognition for his stock-ownership initiative.

Personal Life

John Lurvey had a deep-felt connection to his family and community. He was an inspiring friend and mentor to many, providing assistance when necessary and dedicating himself to social service work.

He managed to carve out time for friends and family despite his hectic schedule, always making time for those around him. A loving husband and father, he ensured his children received an education and felt secure in their surroundings.

As his family expanded, he expanded his house and constructed a barn to meet all their needs on the homestead. It became a sanctuary where all his children and their families felt at home – something they called home for years. They all thrived in this environment, keeping ties with their parents even after moving on in life.

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