John Luterbach

John Luterbach

John Luterbach is a cross country runner at Adams State University. Last season he placed 15th at the Division II National Championships and will provide valuable depth for an already strong ASU squad.

He is the recipient of an NIH K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award and his research aims to unravel the mechanistic basis for resistance to daptomycin in enterococci. Furthermore, his studies examine the molecular epidemiology and clinical consequences associated with multidrug-resistant organisms.

Early Life and Education

John Luterbach was born on September 26, 1927 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Paul and Leona Luterbach. On July 26th 2022 he passed away at 95 years old surrounded by his loving family: wife Geraldine; children Leon (Carol), Christine Hodgden, Gary (Kelli), Jeannine Rhyner and Alan; daughters-in-law; grandchildren; siblings James Frank Mary William Leonard Herbert Gerald Paul Linda close friend Elizabeth Warden – all predeceased by him along with Tutti his sister Tutti. Memorials may be made in his memory to American Lung Association or charity of your choice through our funeral home website.

Professional Career

John has achieved great success across a range of sports. From cross country to track to ice hockey, his talent was undeniable. In high school he won a state championship and went on to compete at Wisconsin State University at Madison; however, it was his time on the grid at Oak Knoll course which cemented him as an icon in the Bay Area. His best performance came with a top five finish in the NCAA Division III men’s marathon.

Achievements and Honors

John Luterbach is no stranger to the podium, having won three national titles including his most recent victory in 2016. An All-American on the track and member of three state championship teams during his career, John was an exceptional performer in every event he touched – as well as on the football field. In the classroom he read widely from history to literature to science; even authoring a book about American West history! A true runner at heart, John could always be found running with his shoes on – it was truly one of his greatest pleasures!

John Luterbach is survived by his beloved wife of 63 years, Carol; children Alan and Dale; as well as two grandchildren Christine Hodgden and Jeannine Rhyner. John will be sorely missed by all his friends and family alike.

Personal Life

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John Luterbach is survived by his daughters Mary Ann (Lawrence) Golla of Pewaukee; Jeanette (Michael) Quinn of Pewaukee; Carolyn Rollins in California; Theresa Riley Hartland in Brookfield; Elizabeth Lambert Brookfield and Kathryn Friedl Pewaukee; son-in-law Corrine Weber of Milwaukee; grandchildren Thom Quinn and Christine (Jeremy Hooper) Quinn; Steven (Heidi) Luterbach Daniel Luterbach John Lambert Adam Christian Benjamin Christian; great-grandchildren Kenzie Luterbach Fischer Luterbach Caden and Hailey Christian as well as many nieces and nephews.

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