John Margaritis

John Margaritis

John Margaritis is a former executive and consultant for Fortune 100 companies. He is a skilled business strategist and an innovation specialist.

He has worked with high profile clients such as Merck, Anheuser-Busch, Mercedes and Unilever. He has also taught crisis management and crisis response at the Pentagon.

Early Life and Education

John Margaritis grew up in New York and spent much of his time around art, fashion and the ocean. He launched a fashion label, New York Sunshine, at age 16 and began offering hand silk-screening t-shirts that have gained international attention.

He was named a Top 10 fashion designer by Vogue in 2014. In addition to his fashion work, Margaritis is also an artist. He focuses on combining different aspects of design into a multi-sensory experience.

He served as UC Riverside’s women’s basketball coach from 2010 to 2012. His players said he would berate athletic trainers and put pressure on injured athletes to return. They also described his animus toward lesbian players.

Professional Career

Head women’s basketball coach at UC Riverside, Margaritis has led the Highlanders to 14 seasons of success. The Highlanders have won two Big West regular season titles and made the NCAA Tournament on six occasions during his tenure.

In addition to his coaching duties, Margaritis is also the founder of New York Sunshine. He is an artist who has a passion for art, fashion and the ocean.

During this time, he launched his own fashion label and has garnered international attention from the US, Japan and Paris. He has also partnered with Dickies, a Texas-based apparel company.

In addition to her position as head coach, Mendiola worked as an assistant coach in the fall of 2016. The lawsuit states that she tried to advocate for the welfare of student-athletes. She also complained about Margaritis’ treatment of female athletes.

Achievements and Honors

John Margaritis has taken UC Riverside’s women’s basketball program to unprecedented heights during his 14 seasons there. He has led the Highlanders to three NCAA Tournaments and three WNIT appearances during that span.

He was a two-time Big West Conference Coach of the Year and has won three Big West Tournament titles during his time at UCR. He was also elected to the AHEPA Sports Hall of Fame in 2016.

Former players say they were subjected to constant abuse during film sessions and were pushed to play even after injury. Several mentioned an incident early in the 2012-13 season when sophomore Jessica Ogunnorin, then a forward, was pressured to return despite a series of concussions. She eventually transferred out of the program. She told ESPN that she never went to another practice under Margaritis.

Personal Life

New York-based artist John Margaritis founded his fashion label, New York Sunshine, at age 16, offering hand silk-screened t-shirts. His work centres on ideas, rather than a prescribed form or design.

During Miami Art Basel, Margaritis presented his installation “Broken Time” – a reflection on his childhood and his current vision for the future. It features 132 hand-dyed indigo shirts hanging from wavy wooden shelving designed by Margaritis.

In addition to his artistic practice, Margaritis has a deep passion for basketball. He played in high school and college, and led his high school team to the state championship.

In addition to his coaching career, Margaritis also serves as the President of the United States Basketball Coaches Association. He has also been awarded numerous awards.

Net Worth

John Margaritis is a professional basketball player who has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He plays for PAOK in the Greek Basket League and is considered one of the top players in his league. He is 6 ft 8 in and can play at both power forward and center positions. In 2017, he became a member of the Greek national team. He has appeared in the FIBA World Cup and EuroBasket qualifiers. He also works as an artist.

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