John Moorman

John Moorman

John Moorman has extensive library management experience. He served as the top administrator for a multi-type library system and public libraries across North Carolina, Texas, Illinois and Virginia for nearly 40 years. Furthermore, John has been actively involved with state library associations since 1975.

Director of Williamsburg Regional Library, Mr. Jones has established relationships with both city and county governments that have enabled him to secure crucial funding streams that will support his library’s continued growth.

Early Life and Education

John Moorman was born in Leeds, England the son of Frederic William Moorman (1872-1918), professor of English language at the University of Leeds and Frances Beatrice Humpidge (1867-1956). After graduating Gresham’s School in Holt and Emmanuel College Cambridge with a degree in divinity, he moved to Europe.

He was ordained in 1929 and worked as a curate in Holbeck, Leeds and later Leighton Buzzard. While researching St. Francis of Assisi and the history of his order, he also completed his doctoral thesis for Church Life in England in the Thirteenth Century at Cambridge University which led to him moving to Lanercost Priory Cumberland where in 1945 he reopened Chichester Theological College before being appointed Bishop of Ripon in 1959.

Professional Career

John Moorman is an accessible business attorney who provides legal counsel to those in need. His approach is practical and low-key, helping clients strategize their strategies while mitigating risk.

As an esteemed attorney in his field, he has been recognized as a Super Lawyer for 2016-17, 2020-2022 and 2024-2025 respectively. This peer designation is given only to a select group of accomplished legal professionals in each state.

Moorman has built strong connections with local government leaders over his career, which enabled him to secure funding for the library and provide staff members with extensive programming and professional development opportunities.

Achievements and Honors

Moore was widely recognized as an expert in science education and was instrumental in founding Science as a Way of Knowing (SAAWOK). This series of annual symposia on teaching biology provided students with a conceptual framework that helped them appreciate the significance of evolutionary concepts.

He was also renowned for his campaigns to motivate the National Academy of Sciences to take more initiative in promoting science education. Specifically, he demanded that they address the persistent tendency to substitute evolutionary concepts with creation theology and biblical history in school curricula.

He was an esteemed leader in STEM education, with his work recognized with multiple awards. Additionally, he had a philanthropic spirit, working tirelessly for organizations that made society better.

Personal Life

John Moore is a radio and television broadcaster, film critic, voice actor, and comedian based out of Toronto, Ontario. Since 1999 he has been employed at CFRB 1010 radio station.

In March 2018, powerHouse Books published Moore’s book Undocumented: Immigration and the Militarization of the U.S.-Mexico Border, the result of his decade long photojournalism on immigration issues and border security.

Moore was an enthusiastic photographer growing up in Ireland and has amassed an impressive collection of photographs which have been exhibited worldwide. Additionally, he created short films which have been screened on various Irish TV channels.

Net Worth

John Moores is an incredibly successful businessman who has made substantial amounts of money in the past. Additionally, he has amassed considerable wealth within his personal life as well.

He is a self-described computer geek who has achieved great success in both computers and real estate. Additionally, he has donated much of his fortune to charity work.

He boasts a net worth of $475 million and is an acclaimed businessman in the United States.

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