John Moro

John Moro

John Moro is an inspiring artist who believes that everyone has the capacity to become David at some point and conquer Goliath. Through his artwork, John hopes people will gain new perspective on their lives and be motivated to reach for greatness in whatever path life presents them.

As an educator, he believes that successful teachers constantly evaluate their instruction and make necessary modifications. One of his favorite activities is watching students compete at Classics Day – a contest where they demonstrate their knowledge on Latin grammar, Greek mythology, and Roman history.

Early Life and Education

John Moro attended Deerfield Academy and UMass Amherst. Having taken an introductory Latin class in eighth grade, Moro developed a passion for the language, as well as learning about Roman history and culture.

He discovered he enjoyed teaching Latin to students. Currently, he teaches Latin at Holyoke High School in Massachusetts.

He is an accomplished Spanish flamenco guitarist, and his passion for the art form can be seen in his playing. Additionally, he writes books on the topic.

Professional Career

John Moro founded Balance Physical Therapy and Human Performance Center in 2002 with the mission to offer patients the highest quality physical therapy services available. His dedication to patient care includes highly skilled manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, education and specialized training – all under one roof!

He has carved and sculpted many sports figures into life-sized sculptures, such as basketball hall of fame inductee Kevin Garnett, baseball hall of fame inductee Yogi Berra, hockey hall of fame inductee Paul Kariya, and professional baseball player Nomar Garciaparra.

Moro also created a life-sized sculpture of David and Goliath, an endeavor that took three years to complete, according to Moro’s artist biography. This project was motivated by the idea that everyone is a version of David at some point in their life and must face down an equivalent version of Goliath.

Achievements and Honors

John Moro was an accomplished guitarist and troubadour, performing his original guitar music around the globe. A member of The New Christy Minstrels, John traveled to over 50 countries.

He was also a published author, with his book Kin to the Wind now available in both paperback and e-book formats. Additionally, 43 of his songs can be heard on PlayNetwork international radio stations worldwide.

He earned honors diplomas for his English, Spanish and French studies as well as music. Additionally, he received a college scholarship to further his interest in history and anthropology. At present he is pursuing a graduate degree in public administration at Boston University. In his free time he enjoys playing golf, woodworking and being outdoors; moreover he is proud father of four children and an avid fisherman.

Personal Life

John Moro values spending quality time with family and friends in his personal life. Additionally, he is an accomplished artist who has been carving wooden figures since he was five years old.

His pieces draw inspiration from history, athletics and themes of trial, struggle and triumph that encompass the human experience. His sculptures have a warm, familiar quality that feels organic.

After retiring from teaching in 2014, he pursued sculpture full time. Wood is his preferred medium due to its natural feel and ease of shaping into desired forms.

His personal life involves marriage to Kim Moro and the birth of their son. Additionally, he is the proud grandfather of two grandchildren. A graduate of Ohio University, his career continues to flourish in this role.

Net Worth

John Moro, an American professional hockey player with a net worth of $1 million, earned this amount through his career in the NHL as well as other sources like advertisements and endorsements. He currently resides at 19 Littleworth Road in Stafford Township, NJ with his wife Dawn M Moro; together they have four children.

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