John Perona

John Perona

John Perona is a biochemist and environmental law expert. His work blends scientific analysis with legal expertise, with contributions published in peer-reviewed journals.

He is actively involved in several climate advocacy organizations, such as Citizens’ Climate Lobby which urges Congress to adopt an ambitious economy-wide price on carbon, and the Metro Climate Action Team of Portland, Oregon. Furthermore, he collaborates with numerous nonprofit legal clinics and environmental law firms.

Early Life and Education

John Perona is a biochemist, chemical engineer, legal scholar and political activist. He draws upon his diverse skillset to explore how science can inform social policy and individual action, with particular focus on the transition towards renewable energy economies as well as genetic engineering and biotechnology.

He holds a PhD in biological sciences from Yale and is studying for an environmental law degree. Additionally, he is involved with Citizens Climate Education – a nonpartisan group that advocates for national fee & dividend carbon pricing policies to combat climate change.

Juan Peron served as President of Argentina from 1952 to 1955, during which his economic policies and legalizing divorce and prostitution were heavily criticized. However, he was ultimately ousted in a June 1955 coup and his presidency overturned three months later.

Professional Career

John Perona holds a PhD in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale, as well as both a JD (Santa Barbara College of Law) and LLM in environmental and natural resources law (Lewis & Clark University). He has taught Chemistry at UC Santa Barbara for many years, and is now on the faculties at Portland State and Oregon Health & Science Universities.

He teaches classes in synthetic biology, structure-function biochemistry and metabolism. Additionally, he conducts research on groundwater conservation, genetic engineering of agricultural crops and renewable transportation fuels such as biodiesel. Furthermore, he’s actively involved in climate advocacy groups working for a national fee & dividend carbon pricing policy and citizens’ climate education programs to inform people about both science and political implications of climate change.

Achievements and Honors

John Perona is an accomplished scholar who has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers in biochemistry. Additionally, he has significant expertise in environmental law.

His research brings together expertise from science and law to explore how modern scientific discoveries can be integrated into policymaking. His current research is focused on climate change, renewable energy sources, and biotechnology.

He has been actively engaged in climate advocacy organizations such as Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) and Metro Climate Action Team, which advocate for an aggressive economy-wide price on carbon. Furthermore, his research interests include groundwater management and genetic engineering of agricultural crops.

Personal Life

John Perona relished spending time with his family. He was an adoring and encouraging father, grandfather, and great-grandfather.

He also enjoyed collecting insects, which he did for over 70 years. His collection consists of over 8000 specimens stored in 74 drawers and 5 cabinets.

He served on the boards of several organizations, such as Calumet City Library and Calumet Area Historical Society. Additionally, he belonged to Calumet Kiwanis Club and volunteered at a local hospital. Survived by his beloved Esther Tanskanen; daughter Tammy Perona; son David LaCasse; numerous nieces, nephews and friends – he will be greatly missed by all those he loved and cared for.

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