John Runge

John Runge

John Runge is an esteemed physician with decades of experience in medicine. He currently serves as dean of the University of Michigan Medical School.

He serves as executive vice president of medical affairs for the University of Michigan and has a diverse professional and personal portfolio that encompasses medicine, education, and law.

Early Life and Education

Children are wired to learn and absorb from everything they observe and experience, so having parents teach them about everyday living skills such as cooking, bathing and dressing themselves correctly is invaluable.

However, for healthy development, young children need to engage in active play, music and art. Furthermore, they should be in a classroom setting where teachers apply what they have taught them to real-world scenarios and interact with people outside their family circle.

In the United States, policymakers at all levels of government have a vested interest in ensuring access to and quality early childhood education and care (ECEC). In addition to government initiatives, there are numerous private advocacy, research, outreach organizations as well as university, foundation, and public policy institutions that collaborate with governments on creating policies related to ECEC.

Professional Career

Runge held several leadership roles in her professional organizations throughout her career. In 1979, she made history by becoming both the first female and Black president of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA).

She served on several federal committees and earned honorary doctorates from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Ohio Northern University.

Runge was a champion for women in medicine and the arts, founding both the Women’s Forum for Healthcare and National Coalition on Female Leadership in Healthcare. As president of APhA during her two terms, she formalized its Task Force on Women in Pharmacy as well as creating its Office of Women’s Affairs. Tragically, Runge passed away in January 2014; in her memory APhA has created a posthumous scholarship in her name.

Achievements and Honors

Runge is an expert in numerous fields such as ecology, adaptive management, climate change adaptation and environmental resource management. He has published numerous papers and received multiple honors for his work.

He is renowned for his research on the history of medicine. In 2016, he won the Bullit History of Medicine Club’s McClendon-Thomas Award, acknowledging his scholarly excellence in this area.

He was a member of both the Wyoming Geological Association and Casper Petroleum Club, serving on their Advisory Board from 1969-1976. Additionally, he authored numerous technical papers and provided an annual award for the best student paper presented at the Rocky Mountain Section of AAPG conferences.

Personal Life

John Runge was a deeply caring, kind and generous individual who dedicated his life to aiding those in need. Additionally, as an animal enthusiast, John supported the Guelph Humane Society for many years with his support.

On September 14, 1926, he was born in Anthracite, Saskatchewan and soon after moved to Red Deer where he has resided ever since.

His painting of Friedrich, August and Maria represents a new vision of childhood in art that rejects traditional paradigms such as Hans Holbein’s Edward VI as a Child or Jean-Baptiste Greuze’s Broken Eggs. Instead, these three children are realistically depicted in their natural habitat: an environment tailored to a child’s perspective.

Net Worth

John Runge was born to Frank and Helen (nee Miller) Runge on January 14, 1937 in Elmhurst. He met Phyllis Stanczyk at Phyllis’ local roller rink in June 1957 and fell in love immediately; they were married on September 5, 1959 – celebrating their 63rd wedding anniversary this year. John was an devoted husband and father who loved his family dearly; he is survived by Phyllis his 62 year old wife of 62 years, sons Wade (Lauree), Thomas (“Dean”) Runge), Nicholas(Chris), Jessica(Jean), Kevin; brothers Ernie Vernon BC and Don Vulcan also survive along with sister in law Caroline along with several nieces/nep nephews.

William Henry Iii Runge has made at least one trade since the start of 2018, his largest purchase being 500 units of Mohawk Industries stock on 14 February 2018 worth over $125,435, meaning that he now owns at least 2,335 shares of MHK stock.

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