John Runne

John Runne

Power boat racer John Runne has been building his own boats for four decades, turning their custom-crafted designs into a full-time sideline. These custom-crafted vessels have become more than just his hobby; they have become his passion.

John provides corporate and financial institution clients with advice on public and private capital markets equity and debt transactions, as well as general corporate matters and securities law compliance.

Early Life and Education

John Runne is an acclaimed athlete who has been competing in power boat racing since he was a teenager. Additionally, he is a highly-skilled boat builder, having created over 100 vessels under his own brand RunneCraft.

He was born in Washington, DC but moved to Colorado in 1995. Previously a manager in IBM’s engineering department, he launched his own business and currently resides in Lafayette, CO. An avid runner, he enjoys running outdoors daily. A certified coach with USATF and RRCA, his passion has led him to found Off the Hook Track Club and Run Collective–groups which unify runners throughout New York City.

Professional Career

John is a corporate finance attorney who counsels public and private clients on equity, debt, and liability management transactions. Additionally, he runs J. R. Honerkamp LLC consulting firm where he offers running-related coaching, consulting, motivational speaking and co-founder of November Project NYC; is an ambassador for Lululemon running; and part of the NYAC running team.

After suffering a running knee injury in 2009, John began practicing ChiRunning – an exercise technique that utilizes the alignment and relaxation principles of T’ai Chi to reduce injuries and boost efficiency. He is also the founder of The Run Collective, an association for runners that holds annual Runner Safety Awareness Week each January; additionally, John serves as a pacing coach to NYRR athletes and other top-tier runners.

Achievements and Honors

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Personal Life

John not only has a full time career, but he also dedicates much of his free time to spreading awareness of running and its many advantages. Through Run For Life, an organization he founded, John works with teachers and schools to provide accessible running programs for their students.

He has also volunteered for numerous organizations and races such as the Toronto Marathon, Ottawa Race Weekend and Galt Collegiate Institute’s Cambridge Classic Mile. Additionally, he served as coach at NYRR for almost six years.

Net Worth

John Runne net worth is estimated to be $5 million. He is an American professional wrestler, actor, rapper and reality television show host who signed with WWE in 2000 and has appeared for both Raw and SmackDown brands. Throughout his career in wrestling, John won 10 World Titles and three WWE US Championships. Since then he has become one of the most successful stars in the industry; being ranked as the highest-paid WWE wrestler ever. His net worth comes from earnings from professional wrestling, acting, music and other sources as well.

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