John Sabey

John Sabey – CEO of Sabey Corporation

John Sabey is the CEO of Sabey Corporation, leading a team of 150 driven professionals. They own and manage an expansive 5.4 million square foot commercial real estate portfolio consisting of office and medical technology space.

Their data centers boast a unique combination of renewable energy, power efficiency and customer-oriented operations. Their design innovations have earned them the distinction as one of the largest private owners and operators of data centers in America.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Sabey has been in the real estate industry for over 25 years. He began his journey at Prudential Real Estate Investors and later rose to become CEO of a data center development company.

His accomplishments include the acquisition and development of a 5.4 million square foot commercial real estate portfolio, primarily office space. Furthermore, he has created specialty technology properties for medical/life science research, communications companies and government agencies.

His company is currently developing Intergate.Manhattan, a state-of-the-art data center in New York City that is 100% union built and boasts high profile tenant inkings such as the NYPD, NYC Transit, and more. This building serves as an excellent example of how advanced computer-aided design and Building Information Management tools can transform an old telephone exchange into an advanced data center.

Achievements and Honors

In addition to his many accomplishments as a lawyer and administrator, he was also an active member of the community. He founded the Murray Medical Association, was involved with volunteering for Utah Cancer Foundation, and passionately supported his local high school. Furthermore, he spearheaded fundraising efforts for Murray Medical Center.

Of all his accomplishments, his role as an educator at the University of Utah stands out. His witty and engaging teaching style earned him respect from students and colleagues alike, while his scholarly endeavors included a major research initiative in artificial intelligence. No wonder then that he was named a University of Utah distinguished professor in 2006! The UC system now boasts an unprecedented number of alumni.

Personal Life

John Sabey’s personal life was full of love and laughter. His generous spirit meant he was always available for those in need, regardless of their financial situation or needs.

He was a true friend to everyone he encountered, eager to share his knowledge of the Lord with those who sought him out. A devout Church member and active in the Relief Society, he enjoyed sharing God’s knowledge with those around him.

He is the Executive Director of Sabey Data Centers, one of the world’s largest design/build/operator data center companies. Through his efforts, Sabey has amassed an enviable customer portfolio that includes some of the world’s renowned enterprises in financial services, content delivery, life science research, entertainment and technology innovation. As an accomplished businessman he brings his expertise in real estate and construction to bear on this endeavor.

Net Worth

Sabey, a former reserve lineman for the University of Washington football team, has always had an interest in technology. He has invested heavily in data centers that allow computer networks to transmit information rapidly, and he’s developing an expansive complex at Sweden’s Cherry Hill medical campus to facilitate research on proteomics – the study of proteins.

Sabeys business ventures haven’t always been profitable, yet his net worth is estimated to be over $600 million. His company, Sabey Corporation, owns several data centers and is expanding outside Seattle with their latest acquisition: a windowless Verizon building in lower Manhattan that will become one of the city’s largest special-purpose data centers.

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