John Spangenberg

John Spangenberg

John Spangenberg is a successful business executive based in Olifantsfontein, South Africa.

John is renowned for his expertise in consumer behavior. Additionally, he boasts an impressive academic background that encompasses hospitality management, psychology, leadership and statistics.

He served as dean of Carson College at Washington State University from 2005 to 2014. During this time, his initiatives included expanding international programs, encouraging strategic curriculum revisions and nurturing entrepreneurial academic projects both domestic and abroad.

Early Life and Education

John was born in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey and developed an interest in history and philosophy that would serve him well throughout his professional life.

He attended both St. Mary’s Prep and St. Peter’s Prep in Denville and Jersey City before going on to study English and Education at Sienna College.

After graduating college, he pursued various jobs until eventually becoming president and CEO of The Center for Community Health in Redmond, Washington.

He was a kind and compassionate man who welcomed everyone he encountered with a smile, always ready to offer advice or assistance when needed. His unconditional love of family made him an invaluable friend who will be missed by many.

Professional Career

John spangenberg has had a distinguished professional career in marketing and consumer psychology. He has published extensively, both journals and book chapters, earning him widespread acclaim among international scholars.

Spangenberg has held several leadership roles in business administration at Washington State University (WSU), including dean of Carson College from 2005-2014.

He was an accomplished fundraiser, leading the College to raise over $75 million during his tenure. Additionally, he implemented strategic curricular changes and saw historic increases in undergraduate, MBA and PhD enrollments at Carson College.

Spangenberg has also had a major role in developing Carson College’s number-one-ranked online MBA programs. Furthermore, he has spearheaded many academic and international expansion initiatives.

Achievements and Honors

John Spangenberg achieved remarkable career successes throughout his career. He earned both his undergraduate and law degrees at Boston University, becoming a licensed attorney since 1961. Throughout this time, his practice focused on legal aide service and criminal law.

He served as Executive Director of Greater Boston Legal Services for eight years and Deputy Director of the Criminal Justice Division at ABT Associates for seven and a half years.

He served on the Together Center Board of Directors since 1993, when he joined as one of the original community recruits outside of those representing the four founding nonprofit agencies. Since then, he has led their capital campaign which allowed them to reduce lease rates for nonprofit tenants by using campus assets.

Personal Life

John Spangenberg was born in 1807 in New Jersey to Johann “John” George Spangenberg and Mary Fargo.

At age 23, George Augustus Spangenberg married Elizabeth Spangenberg (born Shaffer). Together they had 14 children: George Augustus Spangenberg, Lydia Ann Swingle (born Spangenberg) and 12 others.

John was always intrigued by drums and percussion as a child, leading him to join various bands throughout his life.

John lived in Flemington, NJ as a child. His father Jacob Spangenberg opened a shoe store with an apartment above it and sold shoes to workers at George Vanderbilt’s great Biltmore estate. In 1892 or 1893 he and Elva Guild Spangenberg moved to Asheville where they often got passes for entrance into the Biltmore. Additionally, they owned a house there as well.

Net Worth

John Spangenberg is an investor with an estimated net worth of $4.44 million. Currently, he owns no units of Marathon Patent Group Inc and has traded no shares within the past year; his largest purchase order being 625,000 shares worth over $250K on June 7, 2013. John typically trades during May, October and June with an average trading volume of 1.08 million shares per day.

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